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Artificial Intelligence Contracts ( Von Bach Industries - Weekly)

This contract is flagged as Inactive and may not appear in the daily and weekly rotations.


Collect 50 control chips from Bulwarks in San Francisco

Weekly contract is worth 50 reputation points.

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Dark Matter's bulwarks have a remarkably accurate targeting system as well as an almost instantaneous tactical decision program. We'd like to study their control chips to better improve our own combat drones.


Kill 50 Dark Matter Bulwarks



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cusman ()

Dark Matter Base has Bullwarks and some other locations too if you are having too hard a time with the Rampage.

4 years ago

cusman ()

Yesterday I did couple more of the Rampage at the Overpass in San Fran.

You start first phase facing direction of attackers.

Second phase you have to start defending from attackers coming from your right. Any that manage to get past you gather up at Overpass entrance opposite of where you started Rampage.

Third phase you have to start defending from attackers coming from opposite of where you started Rampage.

The Bullwarks start showing up in third phase and most I have managed to get in one "rampage" is around 7 I think.

The key was to move toward the place they spawn, so for the third phase I was near the entrance just like you are for first phase.

The third phase doesn't end, you will keep getting repeating waves of the same soldiers and bullwarks, but there is a timer which runs out.

4 years ago

Etaew (PC-EU) - Site Admin

There are other places to find Bulwarks, just need to get around to adding a list.

4 years ago

haskor ()

OK, I did suspect that maybe I was running out of time. I've only made it to the 3rd wave before running out of time. Thanks for the tip. It appears I Just need more practice at this rampage so I can get to the 4th wave.

4 years ago

cusman ()

Rampage under the Overpass in San Fran works for this. Just use a Respark shield, all the defence perks you have, and then go in with that Mini-Gun. Last until the 4th phase and you will start getting Bullwarks that you can kill.

I manage to get 4-5 of them before Rampage ends pretty consistently... plus some blue mod and other goodies.

4 years ago

Etaew (PC-EU) - Site Admin

I haven't done this in the past week, but it's not likely that Trion makes changes to the game ;)

The Bulwarks appear at the very last stage of the Rampage

4 years ago

haskor ()

I"m wondering if the last patch removed all or most of the mechs as all I saw were the non-mech guys. 

4 years ago

grog189 ()

Rampage under the Overpass in San Fran works for this.

5 years ago