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7th Legion

7th Legion is a faction, they offer daily and weekly contracts awarding reputation which can be spent with faction vendors.


The 7th Legion is a decommissioned military unit that lives on as a mercenary company. They now specialize in battling Volge, Hellbug, and Scrapper incursions.


Name Task Type Active

Incursion Breaker

  • Complete any Incursion



Incursion Crusher

  • Complete any incursion (5)



Triple Threat

  • Defeat a Hellbug Hellion
  • Defeat a Progenitor Core
  • Defeat a Dark Matter Monolith



Faction Vendor

Vendor Icon

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3of9 - 2 years ago

Note: Incursions will also reward rep for this faction directly at the end of the final battle. The amount seems to vary based on how high you scored.

I seem to also be getting Defiant Few faction rep this way, but I've not directly seen which event is rewarding it. Just realized it was the patron rep boost that was making me get odd numbers. I feel silly now.

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