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View and share Defiance builds including weapons, shields, consumables, powers and perks.

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Power Name Weapons Perks

PvE Versatile Build

Balanced offense and defense with a touch of team support.

by Untamed1 17035 views | 2 votes.

PvE Sniper

For any enemy with a head.

by Untamed1 10995 views | 1 votes.

Zombie Bomber - get over 160k score in seiges

*Max active Overcharge build*

more detailed description in Comments

by WeLoveDefiance 9160 views | 15 votes.

PVE Overcharge Maniac

by dustystorm 7747 views | 0 votes.

Volge Killer - weapon switching build

*for "High" Threat level 10 Volge*

more detailed description in Comments

by WeLoveDefiance 6014 views | 6 votes.


by Fuzzy 5005 views | 3 votes.

PvE AOE Nano Farmer

400k incursion score possible.

by Untamed1 4082 views | 3 votes.


by Fuzzy 3850 views | 3 votes.

Do it yourself, you lazy bastard! aka Explosive Build

by Fuzzy 3837 views | 7 votes.

Warmaster (Armor Breaker)

by dustystorm 3656 views | 5 votes.

Power Starter - PvE

another first 700 ego level loadout

by Mr XaatXuun 3646 views | 0 votes.

What's That? I Can't Hear You With My Elbow in Your Face

by castorvega 3211 views | 5 votes.

Arkfall / Incursion Combat Medic

Tag & Bang

by Mr XaatXuun 2736 views | 1 votes.

Expert Co-Ops

by iFantastical 2626 views | 1 votes.

First 700 Decoy - PvE

first 700 ego levels

by Mr XaatXuun 2581 views | 0 votes.

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