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View and share Defiance builds including weapons, shields, consumables, powers and perks.

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Power Name Weapons Perks

PvE Versatile Build

Balanced offense and defense with a touch of team support.

by Untamed1 17966 views | 2 votes.

PvE Sniper

For any enemy with a head.

by Untamed1 11875 views | 1 votes.

PVE Overcharge Maniac

by dustystorm 8223 views | 0 votes.

PvE AOE Nano Farmer

400k incursion score possible.

by Untamed1 4368 views | 3 votes.

Power Starter - PvE

another first 700 ego level loadout

by Mr XaatXuun 3924 views | 0 votes.

First 700 Decoy - PvE

first 700 ego levels

by Mr XaatXuun 2834 views | 0 votes.

Incendiary PvE - Defense-oriented perk choices!

by H3kzgh0N 1752 views | 1 votes.

All Purpose PVE. (I have variations, but this is my Go-To. Mazu is full Plate Slicer w/ Radiation Mod... Rebel is Charger IV.)

by thefish 1534 views | 0 votes.

PvE Hipfire Mobility

For high threat targets.

by Untamed1 1164 views | 1 votes.

General PVE Build

by Sachek 979 views | 0 votes.


by iFantastical 710 views | 0 votes.

PvE Incinerate

by Etaew 706 views | 1 votes.

PvE Blur for Chimera Ark hunters

Sword & AR.

You must have Arktech Revolution DLC to use this loadout.

Instead of Quickening you can use Klling Spree.

by Graf Darms 643 views | 0 votes.


by Fuzzy 598 views | 0 votes.

PvE Blur

Sword & AR.

You must have 7th Legion DLC to use this loadout.

Instead of Quickening you can use Klling Spree.

by Graf Darms 558 views | 0 votes.

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