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View and share Defiance builds including weapons, shields, consumables, powers and perks.

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Power Name Weapons Perks

PvE AOE Nano Farmer

400k incursion score possible.

by Untamed1 4082 views | 3 votes.

First 700 Decoy - PvE

first 700 ego levels

by Mr XaatXuun 2581 views | 0 votes.


by Fuzzy 1482 views | 0 votes.

All Purpose PVE. (I have variations, but this is my Go-To. Mazu is full Plate Slicer w/ Radiation Mod... Rebel is Charger IV.)

by thefish 1375 views | 0 votes.

Hardcore Coop no shield

by TAZmd 740 views | 0 votes.

Urban Fighter

by Mr XaatXuun 700 views | 0 votes.

Volge Stripper

by Sir Dan 682 views | 1 votes.


by Mr XaatXuun 657 views | 0 votes.


by NegativeCreep 636 views | 0 votes.

Sniper B

by Mr XaatXuun 607 views | 0 votes.

Shrill Sieges

by Castitahnn 0 views | 0 votes.

Showing results 0 to 15 of 11.