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View and share Defiance builds including weapons, shields, consumables, powers and perks.

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Power Name Weapons Perks

What's That? I Can't Hear You With My Elbow in Your Face

by castorvega 3347 views | 5 votes.

Arkfall / Incursion Combat Medic

Tag & Bang

by Mr XaatXuun 2937 views | 1 votes.

Thorn Liro Arenas

I use this build to achieve gold in all Thorn Liro Arenas.

more detailed description in Comments

by Degan 2087 views | 2 votes.

Zombie Bomber II - Drive Thru Cleaner

* Because time is precious *

more detailed description in Comments

by WeLoveDefiance 1735 views | 0 votes.

Fear the Sword

by Drunk Monkey PS3 1425 views | 0 votes.

7th Melee

All 7Th legion Synergy, Utility, Surge Shield

by Mr XaatXuun 1323 views | 0 votes.

Castithan Rush

by Etaew 1177 views | 0 votes.


by katvonfrankenstein 945 views | 0 votes.

Expedient Slayer

by throng_of_muppets 883 views | 1 votes.

bunny hopping (pvp)

by mrkrinkov 814 views | 0 votes.

Vahlok's Raoming Ronin

by Odus Vahlok 746 views | 3 votes.


Focused on melee combat and speed.

by hi-ban 717 views | 0 votes.

PvE Blur for Chimera Ark hunters

Sword & AR.

You must have Arktech Revolution DLC to use this loadout.

Instead of Quickening you can use Klling Spree.

by Graf Darms 643 views | 0 votes.

Melee Fest

by NegativeCreep 642 views | 0 votes.

Armor Breaker

by Fuzzy 640 views | 0 votes.

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