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Locations are areas within Defiance, they show up on the map and in the area above the minimap.

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Name Description
Angel's Fall Mine
Blithedale Mine
Bon Air Mine
Bug Basin
Forbes Hill
Happy Pow Farms
Heaven's Gate
Iron Demon Ranch Has a fast travel point.
Kenn Farm
Larkspur Landing
Murder Island
Murray Dock
Nesting Site
North Point Mine
Parraba Farm
Pitfall Mine
Ridgecrest Mine
San Quentin Ruins
Shondu's Consulate Has a fast travel point.
Split Rock Mine
The Hatch
Watchtower Hill


Name Description
Angel Island Dock
Armstrong Memorial Bridge
Big Stone Reach
Bolinas Smeltery
Caretaker Cabin
Crystal Pond
Dogtown Mine
Eastshore Docks
Final Rest
Hellbug Hillside
Hermit's Hideaway Kill the enemies and a vendor NPC will spawn.
Hill 88
KTRN Radio Tower
Mill Valley Mines
Mine 98
Mine 99 Shouldn't be confused with the co-op map The Motherlode also called Mine 99.
Muir Processing Plant
Panners' Lake
Port Stinson
The Chicken Ranch
The Crater
The Crossroads
Tiburon Cove
Top-Notch Toolworks Is a fast travel point.
Towers Quarry
Twin Bridge Farm
Union Depot

Mount Tam

Name Description
Accord Medical Clinic
Bloodbath Gorge
Bloodbath Turnout Is a fast travel point.
Blue Ridge Post
Checkpoint Delta
Collective Plaza
Delta Bunker East Not to be confused with the Delta Bunker East co-op map - Liberate the Lost.
Delta Bunker West
Delta Evac
Earth Republic Camp Has a fast travel point.
East Radio Tower
Kinship Plaza
KTAM Power
KTAM Radio Station
Muir Gate A collapsed tunnel with some Mutants guarding it.
New Freedom Crash Site
North Radio Tower
Pacific Gate
Serenity Academy
Serenity Power
Sniper Ridge Mutant Sniper's are pinning down the survivors at Earth Republic Camp. There is a Public Quest to destroy the ammunition supplies.
South Radio Tower
The Construction Depot
Tranquility Gate
Tranquility Road After completing the tutorial your character appears here. There are some Mutants and Hellbugs along the road.

San Francisco

Name Description
Alamo Park
Baseball Stadium Ruins
Bay Bridge
Bayside Terrace
Bernal Tower
Cabrillo & 33rd
Coit Tower Is a fast travel point.
Condo Pond
Dark Matter Base
Dead End Junction
Delores Park
E-Rep Commando Camp
Exploratory Post
Fisherman's Wharf
Forest Hill
Imya Array
Jale Base
Mutant District
Nob Hill
Outer Sunset Stop
Overpass Is a fast travel point.
Powell-Mason Line
Presidio Station
Shebo Lab
Stone Wave Pass
Sutro Tower
Terraform Glade
Terraform Pools
The Fork
Trolly Graveyard
Umo Array
Woga Base
Zhena Array


Name Description
Big Root Refinery
Bridge Watch
Bug 'n' Chug Is a fast travel point.
Cronkhite Bunker
Cronkhite Post
Diablo Lighthouse
Diablo Station An oil refinery that has been taken over by hellbugs.
Farmers Rest
Field Road Overlook
Golden Gate Bridge This bridge has a huge robot defending it, it cannot be crossed until you have completed the story mission to do so. Or teleport to a group member who is in San Francisco.
Hawk Hill
Head First Crater
Headlands Transit Depot Is a fast travel point.
Headlands View
Horseshoe Bay
Hunter's Ridge
Last Chance
Lonely Island
Miwok Ranch
Mobile Estates
Moonshine Shack
Overland Graveyard
Overridge Point
Pirates Cove
Point Bonita Refinery
Roadside Parking
Seascape Farms
Verdant Ridge

Silicon Valley

Name Description
Belmont Hills
Crystal Springs
Foster Temple - North
Hillsborough Estates
Millbrae Plaza
Old San Mateo
Pacifica Temple
Port Bruno
Port Bruno Station Has a Fast Travel point.
San Andreas Temple
South City Ruins
The Rift
Water Temple Has a Fast Travel point.