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Liberate the Lost

Liberate the Lost is a Co-op map.

Requires: EGO Rating 200 or Main Mission "Kith and Kinship"

Mutants are dragging New Freedom crash survivors deep into Delta Bunker East for some assuredly vile cause. Discover their purpose, thwart their plans, and rescue the captured.

01. Instance Entrance
02. Shut down the emergency sequence
Survive the Security Shutdown Phases
04. Free the prisoners (3)
Eliminate all hostiles
05. Breach the storage room
06. Sabotage the Mutants Adreno supply (4)
08. Four turrets
09. Go Upstairs
11. Locate the Piercer
12. Kill the Piercer

Large Map Without Markers

Points of Interest

Data Recorders



Thanks to ultimo119 for this video,

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