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Angel Island Bunker

Arkfall Wreckage

Commandeer Cronkhite

PvE Instance - 4 Players

Requires: EGO Rating 500 or Main Mission "Seize the Day, Control the Future"

The Raiders are embedded in Cronkhite Bunker, an abandoned EMC bunker and armory. They cannot be allowed access to the dangerous weapons inside. Work with Torc to break their hold of the bunker.

Cradle to Grave

PvE Instance -

Crash Site

Cronkhite Bunker

Launching the Cure (Episode Mission)

Delta Bunker West

PvE Instance -

Dogtown Mine

Explosions 101

PvE Instance - 4 Players

Requires: EGO Rating 300 or Main Mission "Breaking into San Quentin"

Varus wants the Raiders squatting on 101 Keys eliminated once and for all. He is recruiting a private assault team to escort an Echelon demolitions expert through the deadly stronghold to blow the place off the map.

Freight Yard

Capture and Hold - 16 v 16

Terraforming has hobbled the shipping industry. Routes via land are often impassable, while the tempesphere blocks almost all air travel. H owever, the ocean paths still endure. Many freight yards have been repurposed to support a coastal trade industry, but the constant thread of Raider attacks keep these communities from truly thriving. These businesses are often one intercepted transmission away from complete annihilation.

Grotto Mini

PvE Instance -

Island of Lost Soldiers

PvE Instance - 4 Players

Requires: EGO Rating 150

Cass is contracting some ark hunters to uncover what happened to the E-Rep recon team sent to the long-abandoned EMC facility on Angel Island.

Liberate the Lost

PvE Instance - 4 Players

Requires: EGO Rating 200 or Main Mission "Kith and Kinship"

Mutants are dragging New Freedom crash survivors deep into Delta Bunker East for some assuredly vile cause. Discover their purpose, thwart their plans, and rescue the captured.


Rural Madera is a settled territory in the Bay Area where hope and prosperity reign. However, it has recently been overrun by new world bandits called Raiders.


PvE Instance -


Marin was a miner's paradise turned into hell. Crazed cyborgs have decended from the hills to seize control of the roads and mining sites.

Military Academy

Capture and Hold - 16 v 16

Mount Tam

Mount Tam is an eerie, terraformed landscape where mutants infest the ruins of a defunct inter-species community once called Tranquility.

North Point Mine


Team Deathmatch - 8 v 8

With the founding of the EMC, the United Nations constructed dozens of high tech observatories to scan the stars for more interplanetary visitors. With the start of the Pale Wars, these became symbols of humanity's resistance: the vigilant eye to the sky. Ironically, only a few of these structures survived the Arkfall, as most crumbled into ruins like the society they were designed to protect.

San Francisco

San Francisco is a terraformed wasteland and site of the historial Battle of Defiance. Only the brave, or crazy, would enter this forsaken territory.


Sausalito is the remote industrial and transportation lifeline to the Bay Area community of Paradise It has recently come under attack by malicious, belligerent, and cannibalistic Raiders.

Scrapworks Salvage

PvE Instance - 4 Players

Requires: EGO Rating 225

Cass has tracked a massive arkfall into the Scrapworks salvage yard. Dark matter arrived shortly after. It's time for some ark hunters to do what they do best.

Silicon Valley

Soleptor Excavation

PvE Instance - 4 Players

Requires: EGO Rating 100

The Raiders have stolen Ridgecrest Mine from Varus. He needs a team of operatives to breach his excavation site and recover the valuable technology within.

The Motherlode

PvE Instance - 4 Players

Requires: EGO Rating 400 or Main Mission "A Bullet for a Badman"

There are rumors of a motherlode hidden deep within Mine 99. Gather a team and uncover the 99er treasure horde.


Team Deathmatch - 6 v 6

The collapse of international trade following the Arkfall left most commercial docks derelict and untended. Soon, however, they found new life. Waterfronts once meant for shipping and construction have been repurposed to support drawing life from the sea. The shipping business may be dead, but the fisheries carry on.