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EGO Code 2 ends 6 days

EGO Code 3 ends 2 weeks

EGO Code 4 ends 3 weeks


Summer Solstice ends 1 week



A round up of news for the Defiance game and the Defiance Data site.

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EGO Code 4 - Season 3

10 hours ago Fuzzy 991 views

With each episode of Season 3 of the Defiance TV show there is an EGO Code that can be claimed for in-game rewards. This weeks reward is a Bribe Chest.

New Spinal Tap Crate Giveaway Winners

July 2, 2015 Fuzzy 238 views

After our announcement yesterday, here are the new winners for our Spinal Tap Crate Giveaway! You'll have a week to answer on your PM on Defiance Data or the prizes will be lost.

Inventory Indicators - Hypothetical Feature

July 2, 2015 Etaew 323 views

Continuing my look at features that could in theory be added to the game. In this article I present the problem of end of events where people stand around looking off into the distance as they are in full screen menus looking at their loot or maps.

Reminder: EGO Code 1

July 1, 2015 Fuzzy 365 views

Defiance's first two episodes aired almost 3 weeks ago. That means, the first code will soon run out.

Redrawing Spinal Tap Crate Giveaway Winners

July 1, 2015 Fuzzy 313 views

A week ago, we drew our winners for our Spinal Tap Crate Giveaway. Several people have still not come forward to claim their prize.

Midsummer Mutiny Cheat Sheet

July 1, 2015 Etaew 1,596 views

Midsummer Mutiny seasonal event has landed and will run from June 29 to July 12. This will allow for 2 weekly contracts to be completed.

Defiance 3.1: Midsummer Mutiny

June 30, 2015 Fuzzy 743 views

Patch 3.1 brings the new Dark Matter Expedition "Heaven Sent" and the Summer Solstice Event "Midsummer Mutiny".

Dark Matter Expedition: Heaven Sent - Preview

June 29, 2015 Fuzzy 958 views

The Dark Matter Expedition "Heaven Sent" will arrive with the Summer Solstice update.

Community Shadow War Chaos! - FCN News Bulletin

June 29, 2015 Belle Starr 243 views

Belle Starr: Starr Gazers, FCN interrupts your regular viewing pleasure to bring you this special news bulletin for you about another special clan sponsored event entitled the Community Shadow War this last weekend! Many ark hunters were killed but many also received legendary weapons and even special prizes from Trion Worlds, Inc! Amazing! We brought in our Pale Wars veteran and legendary ark hunter, Erika Widowmaker, as our special war correspondent to report on this event, because, frankly speaking, I’m too famous and too pretty to be shot at!

Tarr Family Contracts and Vendor - Summer Solstice

June 28, 2015 Etaew 1,331 views

During the Summer Solstice event there is a daily contract from the Tarr Family which requires completing Sommer Solstice Arkfalls and then returning to the Fork to claim a weapon reward. Completing 10 Tarr Traxx Dailies within a week completes the Weekly contract for a greater reward. The Tarr Family reputation vendor has a white firework launcher. Other vendors offer other colors.

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Season 3 is here, each TV episode releases an EGO Code to apply to your account for in-game benefits.

Midsummer Mutiny is here, you have 2 weeks to collect your goods. Check our out Midsummer Mutiny Cheat Sheet.

Elite Lockbox Jackpot:  RA-44 Hellcat.

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