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A round up of news for the Defiance game and the Defiance Data site.

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[News] Developer Livestream Transcript (January 23)

Posted 2 days ago by EtaewComments: 0 | Views:277

Last night Community Manager Scapes and Creative Lead Trick Dempsey hosted the first developer livestream of the new year. They recapped recent changes and talked about some of the upcoming ones ending with a Q&A session.

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[News] Elite Lock Box Sale, 50% off until January 25th

Posted 3 days ago by FuzzyComments: 0 | Views:55

Starting today until January 25th, you get 50% off of Elite Lock Boxes in the Store.

Save some bits and try to get the current jackpot weapon, the Reckoning, a Tachmag Pulser variant, before the new jackpot arrives.


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[News] Dev Livestream Tonight (January 23)

Posted 3 days ago by EtaewComments: 1 | Views:73

Defiance Livestream: January 23

Join Creative Lead Trick Dempsey and Senior Community Relations Manager Evan “Scapes” Berman on the Trion Worlds Twitch channel where we’ll be do a recap of what worked and what we learned from recent holiday events and will then preview what we have planned for Valentine’s Day in Defiance. We’ll also be answering your questions about the upcoming new game feature: expeditions!

Defiance Livestream
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, January 23 at 3:30 PM PST (GMT-8)
Duration: 45 minutes

Remember to stick around until the end for our giveaways! See you on Twitch!


Watch Livestream

We have a calendar entry for the livestream which includes a countdown, time in two timezones, a schedule and even an embedded player. Although you can still visit the Trion Worlds Twitch Channel.

View Calendar Entry Visit Trion Worlds Twitch Channel

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[News] Community Q&A: January 22

Posted 3 days ago by EtaewComments: 1 | Views:68

Welcome, ark hunters! You’ve asked, we’re answering. We’re back with another action packed Defiance Dev Q&A!



  • When will the Alcatraz update make it to PTS?
  • When can we expect to be able to view the synergies of the mods installed on our weapons?
  • Could we get more details on the "hub"?
  • Are there still plans to expand the Bay area, after the Alcatraz hub?
  • Are expeditions explorable (with no or little combat, or at least solo) or are they more like traditional instances like this games co-ops?
  • Are you working on a fix for the non encrypted legendary weapon bug?
  • Is there going to be an update in the future to allow us to replay side missions alongside the main storyline?
  • Could we get a letter tab for the clan and friends list so we can look up more people?
  • Will there be any more character customization options coming out in the future? It would be great if you could purchase multiple hairstyle slots without redoing customization!
  • Is a personalized post event screen still something that is coming?
  • Why was the decision made to have what are considered some of the best guns in the game with the Longshot Cannon, Ground Pounder, and Invader to be granted the Radiation Nano for the Solstice event? Why weren’t the lesser weapons from those weapon categories chosen to be the weapons selected for the event and granted the Radiation nano?

Continue reading for the answers or hop on over to the forums to read it directly from the source and to see other players reactions.

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[News] What's New on Defiance Data - January Week #3

Posted 5 days ago by FuzzyComments: 0 | Views:272

We started keeping track of all of our changes in December 2014 in our What's New. We want to inform you weekly about the changes we made to Defiance Data, featuring some of our bigger tasks in a week.

This week our biggest changes have been:

  • New Layout of the front page
  • Model Viewer updates
  • Article about Game Changes to Defiance in 2015
  • A lot of more changes

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[News] Tutorial Difficulty - Enemies too hard

Posted 6 days ago by FuzzyComments: 0 | Views:100

PhantasieTrion just announced that they are aware of the issues with some enemies being too hard in the tutorial area.

They are working on a fix and should have one ready in the next day or two!


Edit: Patch 2.505 fixed enemies in the tutorial being too strong.

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[News] New “Special Delivery” Lock Boxes are Live

Posted 6 days ago by FuzzyComments: 1 | Views:126

Today, Trion announced the new "Special Delivery" Lockboxes available in the Bit Store.


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