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A round up of news for the Defiance game and the Defiance Data site.

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Public Test Server: Defiance 3.0 - Alcatraz #11

17 hours ago Fuzzy 127 views

Bug fixes to Alcatraz and potential Fix for Cradle to Grave pursuit

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Defiance 2.604 (hotfix)

21 hours ago Fuzzy 112 views

New jackpot weapon and fix for the missing bonus roll on the Quickshot Blaster

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Valentine's Lockbox Giveaway Winners Drawn

2 days ago Fuzzy 303 views

Winners for our Valentine's Lock Box Giveaway have been drawn.

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1 day ago SzlufarskiDariusz

i tried to redeeem my code but it says "invalid code" , im playing on pc\eu. edit: nevermind it worked form the site, in game didn't.

11 hours ago RobtimusMaverick

This is amazing, I just found out and redeemed the code! Cannot wait to load it up on my account!

Public Test Server: Defiance 3.0 - Alcatraz #10

2 days ago Fuzzy 138 views

Updates to Cyber Rigs, text bugfix for localizations, fixes for client crashes and update to the NPC Power Growth Rate

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What's New on Defiance Data - February Week #4

4 days ago Fuzzy 164 views

Changes made to Defiance Data in the last week of February

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Introducing Cyber Chip Database

4 days ago Fuzzy 653 views

Announcing our Cyber Chip Database.

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Developer Interview - LoCarb

4 days ago Etaew 303 views

In our third interview with the Defiance team we ambush LoCarb as he peeks out of his bunker following the latest announcement that he is replacing Trick as Creative Lead.

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3 days ago RobtimusMaverick

Another excellent interview!

Community Q&A: February 27

5 days ago Fuzzy 185 views

Kiwibird just posed another Community Q&A on the forums, answering questions about a store lock box with outfits, the Warmaster and some answers about PvP.

Tagged with Question and Answer,

4 days ago Etaew

Outfits being unlocked for the entire account when found in a lockbox is nice, I wonder if there will any bit grants to those that purchased the same outfit on multiple characters. Starter outfits I would like to see, but not on the bit store. They shoul...

New Outfits with Alcatraz - Alcatraz Guide

5 days ago Fuzzy 398 views

Three new outfits in the Bit Store coming with Alcatraz.

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4 days ago Etaew

It's nice to see Unused Models being used.

Alcatraz Store Boxes - Alcatraz Guide

5 days ago Fuzzy 409 views

Two new Lock Boxes in the Store to get started with Rigs and Chips.

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