Solstice Strike Is Home for the Holidays!

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Solstice Strike has returned and things are about to get jolly up in here! Enjoy the holiday celebrations until January 2nd.

Pick up the Frostbringer Pack for legendary Naughty and Nice weapons, the Frostbringer title, and a van rocking epic Abominable Warmaster panel art!

Winter Van

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty or nice, either way you can battle it out with the Volge in Solstice Strike and hunt down the Abominable Warmaster in special summoned Major Arkfalls!

Our newest Synergy: Hibernal Barrage
[1] Reduce the range at which explosives hit you by 25%
[2] -15% Reload
[3] +10% Damage
[4] On Full Reload or Explosive Kill, +45% Movespeed and 10% Life and Shield Steal for 5s (Cooldown: 10s)

New Hibernal manufactured weapons get +30% Full Damage Radius.

Weapon Types
Plasma Battery, Plasma Bolter, Plasma Blaster, Plasma Burst Rifle – Coldfire explosive weapons! In addition: Big Boomer, CS-X Cluster Shot, Guided Launcher

And don’t forget this year’s new Solstice Strike pursuit, the Cold White Silence, that will deliver the gift of a Rudolph Auto Lobber and the titles, “Jack Frost” and “Ice Queen.”

Don’t wait, Solstice Strike melts away on January 2nd. You don’t want to miss this event!    

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