Save 25 % on Solstice Strike Supply Crates!

January 6, 2017 | Etaew | Viewed 839 times | Blog,

Save 25% on the Solstice Strike Supply Crates from now until 11:59 AM PST (7:59 PM GMT) on Monday, January 9th. New Hibernal manufactured weapons get +30% Full Damage Radius!

Our newest Synergy: Hibernal Barrage
[1] Reduce the range at which explosives hit you by 25%
[2] -15% Reload
[3] +10% Damage
[4] On Full Reload or Explosive Kill, +45% Movespeed and 10% Life and Shield Steal for 5s (Cooldown: 10s)

Act today, these Supply Crates are gone Monday!

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