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Nuclear Winter Is Coming

January 6, 2017 | Etaew | Viewed 1,626 times | Blog,

A brand new event is blasting into Defiance to kick off 2017 with a bang: Nuclear Winter is coming!

This radiation-themed event is aglow with the spirit of the New Year. Take down irradiated ruffians at any arkfall to collect new loot.

New Synergy: Isotropic Decay
[1] +17% Accuracy and -17% Recoil
[2] -17% Reload
[3] +17% Crit
[4] +17% Damage

U-238 is a powerful new weapon manufacturer. U-238 manufactured weapons have 10% Armor Penetration and 10% increased nano proc chance!

Weapon Types
Assault Rifle, Bolt Action Repeater, HP-6 Wolfhound, SMG, PS-30 Slugger, SAW, and Charge Blade.

Jackpot weapons have all new radiation themed skins to suit the Nuclear Winter event.

Radiation Themed Skins

Feel the burn of Nuclear Winter starting on January 9 through January 30!

The Defiance Team

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Etaew (PC-EU) - Site Admin

narg alda posted:

why nowhere here i can read, that complete 50 nuclear arkfall give me 35 inventory slots ?? 

10 months ago

Alesha CZ (PC-EU)

why nowhere here i can read, that complete 50 nuclear arkfall give me 35 inventory slots ??

10 months ago