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Anniversary Challenger Vehicle (Claim yours before April 4)

April 1, 2017 | Etaew | Viewed 3,310 times | Giveaway,

To celebrate Defiance's 4th Anniversary claim your Dodge Challenger RT High Octane Red Pearlcoat Black Stripe vehicle before April 4, 10AM PT.

Console users will need to have linked their accounts, and the code is redeemed through


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Zordrak703 (PS3-EU)

Dammit , logged in too late , missed my code ... Missed Iron Death weapon code too ...

... always happens ...

9 months ago

WobBLingGHoSt (PC-EU)

I got the car in the game. I have a question though. Isn't it EXACTLY the same as the Dodge Challenger RT Redline Pearl you can get from the Tarr Family vendor (looks and stats wise)?

9 months ago

Etaew (PC-EU) 9 months ago

Looks similar, but darker side?

Negroyamir (PS3-NA)

He ingresado el código en la pagina indicada. Pero me dice que el código a redimido, y no lo acepta.

El auto no me aparece en mi inventario.

10 months ago

Casti_than (PS3-NA) 9 months ago

Intenta ingresarlo denuevo,me paso lo mismo con el codigo del challenger,me decia que ya habia expirado o ya lo habian utilizado pero en la parte de abajo donde salen todos los codigos que pusiste,me salia y si habia entrado y cuando habro Defiance estaba ahi.

mangaratiba (PS3-EU) 9 months ago

gracias Castitahnnotcastithan, en efecto me aprece cargado el codigo en la parte inferior tal como me indicaste. ahora debo comprobar la existencia en mi inventario. Gracias por la ayuda, saludos

LandonShipp (PS3-NA)

It won't let me redeem the code and I am using It just says it expired or I've already redeemed it.

10 months ago

Etaew (PC-EU) 10 months ago

It's likely that you attempted it after the code expired.

Etaew (PC-EU) 10 months ago

Edit: I know what day it is, really! As for answering this, I don't have an answer for you. I've relayed the instructions I have.

WobBLingGHoSt (PC-EU)

Thank you! ^^

10 months ago


The code isn't working for me I did link my account and loged out then back in I'm confused

10 months ago

Etaew (PC-EU) 10 months ago

Redeeming the code on

DarkBeer (PC-EU)

 thx code

10 months ago