Outbreak Returns + Bonus Loyalty!

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The Outbreak event returns for an extra week along with bonus Loyalty rewards!

From now until 10:00 AM PDT (5:00 PM GMT) on Monday, June 5, the Outbreak event will return for an extra week along with a chance to grab some bonus Loyalty. Purchase the following from the Defiance store and get rewarded!

– 2x Loyalty

Patron Passes:
– 15 day: 4 Loyalty
– 30 day: 8 Loyalty
– 90 day: 36 Loyalty
– 180 day: 72 Loyalty

– 10 Loyalty

– 50 AF: 1 Loyalty
– 300 AF: 8 Loyalty
– 500 AF: 18 Loyalty

Inventory Slots:
– 5: 1 Loyalty
– 10: 3 Loyalty
– 15: 5 Loyalty

– 5 Loyalty

– 1 Loyalty

Note: If Loyalty does not appear immediately, it will be available in claims within 1-2 minutes.

Take advantage of this deal while you can, Ark Hunters!

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westy797. (PS3-EU)

I already have patron pass so should those of us that already had it get loyalty bonus???

4 months ago

CCold357 (PS3-NA)

  • Once again I spend good amount of money and get nothing. Major arkfalls won't drop me a jackpot. The store won't give a jackpot. What is really going on? Patron pass not working, karma not working and​ store not working. Help me out here.

4 months ago

Etaew (PC-EU) 4 months ago

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