Inventory Slot Unlocks

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With F2P, the old system was changed. There are no unlocks anymore for a certain EGO Rating. Instead, everyone starts out with the same amount of inventory slots.

After Free to Play

This is the current method used.

  • F2P Players: 35 Slots
  • People who purchased the game: 70 slots 
    • The extra inventory slots have to be claimed from the Claims Section
  • Anyone can purchase up to 400 slots total

Before Free to Play

This table is no longer used.

EGO RatingTotal Inventory Slots
1 12
50 16
100 20
250 28
500 36
750 40
1000 44
1500 48
2000 52
3000 56
4000 60


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dr.ivanooze ()

Inventory slots isn't a big deal to me, but I'd really like a trunk or something similar. A 'save for later' feature. I don't like how there's a time limit on claim items, as well as the fact that items only go to claim once your inventory is full. With a 'trunk' feature, you can store what you want, when you want. I'm not one to pay for small commodities, but a trunk is definitely one thing I'd pay through the nose to get in this game, even if the max slots for it is 5-10 items only. Plus, it'd really help with organization, since the only useful way, thus far, is to 'favorite' items. If any devs are paying attention or if you know any devs, we're shouting out loud and clear for this - have been since the beginning.

2 years ago

christian.garnett1 ()

It's per character unfortunately. Buying the ultimate edition from amazon or ebay will give you 1k or so bits, all 5 of the dlc, open 5 loadouts and 70 inventory slots though. So if you plan on playing much, it's worth the 30$ or so to get that. You can buy a bunch of stuff with the 1k bits on top of all the unlocks.

3 years ago

demonomania13 ()

I tried looking for the answer to this and can't find it. I am debating buying bits to increase my inventory, add a loadout and increase my ark keys. If I do so, is it only for the one character or will they also be unlocked for a second character? Any help is appreciated.

3 years ago

Etaew (PC-EU) - Site Admin

ramattos1992 posted:

so if a f2p person bought bits to purchase the increased slots do they stack or is it a one time purchase?

F2P players can keep buying slots up to a max of 400.

3 years ago

ramattos1992 ()

so if a f2p person bought bits to purchase the increased slots do they stack or is it a one time purchase?

3 years ago

Etaew (PC-EU) - Site Admin

Ah you are right, I have on my Free to Play list the 35 restrictions for F2P players, I need to update this page.

3 years ago

rosetta_cd_29A ()

As a new F2P player i started with 35 slots and am a little over ego 400 and still have 35 slots. I'll have to see if i get one at 500, but i'm pretty sure us F2P late to the party guys have to buy slots with bits.

3 years ago

Etaew (PC-EU) - Site Admin

Have you checked your Claims section in the Defiance Store?

3 years ago

Etaew (PC-EU) - Site Admin

When Defiance goes free to play June 4, all 60 slots will be available immediately.

3 years ago

faalagorn ()

Not even an additional slots at 5,000 EGO? Kinda weird, as in the last pursuit requires you to have 4,000 EGO, the last pre-patch perk unlock was at 4,000 as well, and now the bonus inventory slots is 4,000 - it almost seems as 4,000 would be the planned limit instead of 5,000.

4 years ago