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Season 2: Alter Ego Guide

July 15, 2014 | Etaew | Viewed 16,254 times | Episodes,

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Please comment and let me know about your experiences with the new content.


The final mission cutscene does not play for some people, you can watch it here.


Some of the Intel does not play in the game, you can listen to it here.






New Dodge vehicles are the order of the day, with both of the new vendors selling them, and one rewarded from a pursuit. We finally get a permanent version of the Dodge Durango.

Dodge Challenger RT Phantom Black Pearl

Dodge Challenger RT Redline Pearl

Dodge Durango R/T Billet Silver Metallic

Dodge Durango R/T Bright White


Dodge Durango R/T Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl

Dodge Durango R/T Granite Crystal Metallic


Dodge Durango R/T Granite Crystal Metallic

Dodge Durango R/T Maximum Steel Metallic


Dodge Durango R/T Redline Red 2 Coat Pearl

Dodge Durango R/T True Blue Pearl


Dodge Challenger RT Rebel White

Above is the version you will receive

Above is a version that is displayed for some as a reward, this is a display bug.



Defiant Few Assault Gear (outfit)

Defiant Few Assault Gear (headgear)








The Grid Revenant is joined by the following new enemies:


Charges in melee

View 3D Model


Fires several ranged attacks of differing damage types like a Hellbug Archer

View 3D Model


TODO map showing placement of those crates

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3of9 ()

I believe there is also a Challenger that is Black with Red stripes (a model is sitting next to the Defient Few vendor) that is rewarded as a rare drop in the Epic Weapon Boxes.

3 years ago

IceeLady ()

Awesome!! Looking forward to these being implemented on the 360.  Been tons of rumors abounding regarding new vendors, missions, Durangos, etc...

3 years ago