Castithan Charge Pack - Defiance Data Changes

August 21, 2013 | Etaew | Viewed 6,275 times |

We are still working to update the site with the latest changes, this is what we have done so far.



Data Recorders



Light Machine Guns


  • Particle Ultimag

Semi Auto Sniper Rifles

  • VBI PSR-7 Cyclone
  • PSR-7 Cyclone
  • VOT Surge Bolter





Fast Travel

Added the following Fast Travel points to the Fast Travel maps.







TODO New scopes

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Zoranth - 3 years ago

Fast Travel Maps

A Fast Travel point was also added at Diablo Lighthouse for the Thorn Liro Rep Vendor and Arena Missions.

CipelliDefiant - 3 years ago

The Particle Ultimag's adult model is an FRC Particle Ultimag.

Surge Nano-Fragger's parent is VOT.

Cyclone's parent is VBI.


There's also another 2 pistols, can't remember the VBI one. The VOT one is VOT Surge Blaster.

Major Yesso - 3 years ago

ok more screenshots for 3 weapons from pack

Surge Nano-Fragger

Particle Ultimag

PSR-7 Cyclone

Etaew - 3 years ago

Thanks Major Yesso :)

Major Yesso - 3 years ago

hmm image link doesn't work

here link

Major Yesso - 3 years ago

Got Zwazhe Warrior outfit after buying the pack

Etaew - 3 years ago

Thanks, any screenshots of the item model and icon would also be a great help :)

cusman - 3 years ago

New Pistol (Charge Weapon)

VOT Surge Blaster

DMG: 500+
Mag: 21

There is also a Semi-Auto Sniper charge weapon that shows incorrect label of Bolt-Action Sniper in description area, but sorts and works like Semi-Auto. The name is something something Repeater.

I will have to have game open in front of me next time to provide more specific information.

Tnightshade - 3 years ago

Make the Cyclone 1.6x Crit Mult. I need to use a higher recording rate in my videos to make the text clearer :)

Tnightshade - 3 years ago

PSR-7 Cyclone

  • DMG: 808
  • Rate:10
  • Mag:10
  • Reload:2.7
  • Crit Mult:16x
  • Bloom .5
  • Charge

The surge nano-fragger is also a charge wep

Tnightshade - 3 years ago

Surge Nano-Fragger

  • DMG:90x8
  • Rate:1
  • Mag:5
  • Reload:2.7
  • Accuracy:7
  • Bloom:0

Tnightshade - 3 years ago

Particle Ultimag

  • Pistol
  • Semi Auto
  • Charge Gun
  • dmg:480
  • Rate:2
  • Mag:10
  • Reload:2.5
  • Bloom:.34
  • Crit Mult:2

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