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Vendors are NPCs or vehicles that a player can use to buy or sell equipment. They can be found in static locations or appear dynamically.

Vendors: All Faction Lock Box Mods Supplies Vehicle

Maps: All Mount Tam Madera Marin Sausalito San Francisco Silicon Valley Alcatraz

Name Location Notes Items

Iron Demon Ranch (Vehicle Vendor)

Iron Demon Ranch

This vendor is no longer in the game.

6 items

Headlands Transit Depot (Vehicle Vendor)

Headlands Transit Depot

14 items


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dethimametipota posted:

is there a list of the special vehicle rotation in the headlands transit depot vendor?

Generally stuff on the Vehicles page without a source.

Etaew - 3 months ago

is there a list of the special vehicle rotation in the headlands transit depot vendor?

dethimametipota - 3 months ago


RispoliAl - 7 months ago

Vendor items have been fixed for all vendors.

Etaew - 11 months ago

If Vehicle vendors no longer have a special, it means you have purchased all of the available vehicles that are in the special rotation.

Etaew - 11 months ago

No worries, couldn't find a list of what's where since 1.1 anywhere so figured I'd pitch in :)

shuralath - 2 years ago

Thanks shuralath, I really need to get around to updating the vendor lists :(

Etaew - 2 years ago

Weapon specific Mod vendors are located as follows:

AR/SMG/LMG: Iron Demon Ranch
Pistols: The Crater
Sniper Rifles: Muir Processing Plant
Shotguns: Bug n Chug
BMG's/Infectors: Coit Tower
Rocket Launchers/Detonators: The Overpass

There is also a Mods vendor at Headlands Tranpsort Depot but it's general white mods not specific weapons.

The blue special offer Mods appear to be able to be for any weapon on any vendor rather than for the same weapon type as the normal stock of that vendor.

shuralath - 2 years ago

The vendors page is in limbo at the moment, short of mapping out different items at different EGO levels it is also mid-way through an item DB re-design.

Etaew - 2 years ago

Thank you, I have updated this.

Etaew - 2 years ago

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