2050 Synergies

The Synergy Matrix Feature is a brand new character progression system for Defiance 2050. Players can collect Synergy Crystals in the world and socket them into a Matrix to get the benefits of set bonuses!

Synergies Info

Synergy Matrix

Synergies are powerful sets of relics that modify and enhance an Arkhunters natural and EGO driven abilities. These relics manifest in the form of Synergy Crystals and are synced to an Arkhunter's EGO via the Synergy Matrix. The Synergy Matrix houses three main components:

Matrix battery

The Matrix Battery represents the raw power output of your matrix before being focused through crystals into the core. The Battery is powered by obtaining Matrix Battery Power (MP) from contracts or converted automatically from duplicate Synergy Crystals.

The Battery is divided into 4 separate cells, each containing 25 levels of power. When a cell is maxed out, any MP obtained will be automatically converted into Chromatic Dust that can be used to purchase Expanders needed to unlock the next cell or additional items.

Core Output

The current strength of the equipped synergies is determined by your current Core Output. Core Output is how much of your total Matrix Battery Power (MP) is focused through each your equipped crystals. The higher your Matrix level, and the better the quality of your crystals, the higher levels of power you will be able to achieve. The power required to achieve each level of effectiveness can be viewed in the Synergy Info Screen.

Synergy Crystals

Each Synergy Crystal has a specific Synergy, rarity and gem type assigned to them. Each Synergy has a set of bonuses assigned to it, the more matching crystals of that set socketed, the more of those bonuses you will have access to, up to a maximum of 6. While a full six set bonus is powerful, the sets can be mixed and matched at will, creating unique combinations to fit your playstyle.

The gem types indicate which color socket it can be socketed into, with only one crystal per color able to be socketed at a time.

The higher the rarity, the higher the quality of a crystal. Higher qualities allow more of the Matrix's Battery to be focused into the core, ultimately creating a higher core output, increasing the strength of all your currently equipped synergies. The current qualities are:

  • Rough
  • Cut
  • Polished
  • Flawless

Obtaining a Synergy Crystal permanently adds it your collection in the Synergy Matrix. Once collected, crystals can be freely swapped in and out, and used in multiple loadouts. Only the highest Quality crystal of the same Color and Synergy will be kept, and any duplicate crystals of equal or lower rarity will be automatically converted into Matrix Battery Power (or Chromatic Dust if your matrix is maxed).


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Stahma Tarr

Agree with Bryan on the information given here, but would appreciate a guide on how to swap them around. It suggests you can, but they seem to be locked into position. Also noticed that there's a row of some kind of locking icon appearing when they start to activate all the way down particular colours. I assume this is related to activation but again a guide would be helpful.

2 years ago

Bryan Gates PC-NA

Thanks for the guide. The patch notes on the forums offer some good information as well but DefianceData is much more comprehensive and helpful as usual! It's much appreciated since we've been given a whole new system of progression and little documentation exists so far. :)

2 years ago