Hellbug Uprising Arkfall (Major)

Hellbug Uprising is a Major arkfall.


Defeat Hellbug Hellion (symbiont)


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Etaew PC-EU - Site Admin

Thanks, updated. Any way that is spelled it looks wrong :p

10 years ago

I hate being the one bothering people about grammar and spelling (specially since english is not my native language and I get things wrong all the time). But given that this site is about providing correct information, someone has to do it.

It should be "symbiont", not "symbiant" in the task description.

10 years ago

during this encounter a large 3 legged hellion surfaces in the centre of the event and regular/elite hellbug archers and warriors perdiocly spawn , its attack is stamping its legs to deal damage to people nearby - the weak spots found on the hellion are glands underneath the 3 arms and in between the 3 arms  - once the glands under the arms are destroyed the arms will fall off and the symbiant will appear from the mouth at the top its only attack is firing off green goo at people - when it has taken sufficiant damage it will retreat back inside the hellion , at this point destroying any remaining glands may cause it to re surface , if not destruction of all glands will cause 2 hellbug monarchs to spawn from the mouth and engage people in the area , once these are killed the symbiant will re surface until killed which ends the event - the symbiant itself is also classed as a weak point but seems to take higher damage if shot in the mouth (can be difficult to hit due to the teeth surrounding the helions mouth obstructing line of sight)

10 years ago