Hotshot: Bolinas Sniper

Hotshot: Bolinas Sniper is a Hotshot challenge located in Marin.


Some workers are escaping Bolinas Smeltery, but the 99ers are trying to stop the. There's a sniper rifle there which should help us cover their escape.



Gold Silver Bronze

Requires: 5000


Requires: 3500


  • XP: 2430
  • Scrip: 60
  • Salvage: 315

Requires: 1500


  • XP: 2160
  • Scrip: 53
  • Salvage: 285


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incidently while doing this challenge i realised the kills in it actually count towards the snipe from the shadows pursuit - granted you dont get weapon experiance for your bolt actions but it is an easy 50 or so kills per attempt

(somewhat confused why it counts for bolt actions though as the gun itself your using is more like a semi auto asit doesnt zoom out between shots)

9 years ago