Hotshot: Moonshine Shack

Hotshot: Moonshine Shack is a Hotshot challenge located in Sausalito.


The Raiders are up to something down by the old Moonshine Shack. We need to take them out before the horde descends on some unsuspecting ranch.



Gold Silver Bronze

Requires: 15000


Requires: 8000


  • XP: 2430
  • Scrip: 60
  • Salvage: 315

Requires: 2000


  • XP: 2160
  • Scrip: 53
  • Salvage: 285


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Etaew PC-EU - Site Admin

Finally did this one after many many attempts, the key to this I found was having the Scavenger perk, as this allows you to loot so much more ammo from bodies.

Try to keep the multiplier as high as you can by taking pot shots and pop in and out from cover.

When the hulker arrives don't panic, you can kite him around, just keep moving.

The rioters were a pain, but a blast from the shotgun knocks them back and a second blast finishes them off.

9 years ago

Etaew PC-EU - Site Admin

Some strange behavior with this one, at the end of one attempt when I died I had the respawn window open, pressed retry and was still dead, so I respawned and then could use my normal weapons and roll etc.

9 years ago