Update - 3:30 PM PST - We're back online. Have a great weekend, folks!

Hey folks,

Defiance 2050 is coming offline for all platforms/regions at 2:45 PM PST (10:45 AM UTC) for a hotfix to resolve an issue with enhanced weapons that caused odd reloading behavior.

Downtime should be under 2 hours.


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Update 3 - Defiance is back online and ready to play! Thanks for your patience, everyone.

Update 2 - The team is still finalizing things, but we're looking to be much closer to come back online soon. We'll post another update as soon as we have additional info.

Update 1 - We're going to need additional time to come back online, folks. Please bear with us. We'll post another update in 1 hour, if we're not already back online.


Defiance is coming offline for all platforms/regions at 10:00 AM PT (5:00 PM UTC) for a hotfix for Armistice 2019.

Downtime should about 2 hours.


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Defiance Terminators Clan (PS3-NA)

Active clan, 75+ active members. All skill and ego levels welcome. Be Active. Respect Others. Have Fun.

This clan is currently recruiting.

Managed by Ookii (PS3-NA)

Axelle Axe is the clan founder. We are one of the biggest clans on Ps3/NA, and we have some of the best/nicest players on the server. Please contact Axelle Axe, Wuzu, Abaddon, Infared, Ookii, Tauriiel, or any of our other members to join. We only require that your fairly active, respect your clan mates, and have fun! GG TY

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Any ps4 members


1 month ago

Mind if i can join? Ego is 190+ and good gear, online daily for 4+ hours, can use skype, discord or steam audio chats for chatting. User is Xalas

2 years ago