The Disciples of Mayhem Clan (PS3-NA)

Respectful clan who enjoys playing the game and helping others.

This clan is currently not recruiting.

Managed by grievergrimoire PS3-NA

Clan Founder: TheKracken13 (Naois)
Clan Members:


grievergrimoire (Beatrix Schiffer)

LYCAN_NIGHTSHADE (Lycan Nightshade)

EJ_BAD_ASS (InfectedThoughts)

CastironMeatbaLL (cast iron)

roundgum (KnightFromHell)

saikoteek (SaikoTeek)

xw235jpo (mom)

sallyfulllkhunt (sneakybeave)


CrowOfTerror (Jetpack Jesus)

songbird91977 (Rosesong)


Clan Rating: 2000
Clan Status: Active 




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