Vehicular Manslaughter Contracts ( Echelon - PvP Daily)

This contract is for Defiance Classic.

Some of our mercs have grown arrogant and complacent. Their carelessness is compromising the value of the organization, which is entirely unacceptable. Use vehicle turrets and eliminate the culprits.

Record 5 turret kills in Capture and Hold


Kill 5 (previously 10) players when you are firing a Cerberus turret during the Freight Yard competitive map.

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    The Cerberus passenger side rocket kills count as turret kills as well.

    10 years ago

    Etaew PC-EU - Site Admin

    Updated tips with thanks to fang1192

    10 years ago

    Do not believe this is doable yet, which, if the case is disappointing. 

    10 years ago