Angel on the Shoulder Contracts ( Echelon - PvP Daily)

This contract is for Defiance Classic.

You won't get far in the New Frontier alone, so demonstrate that you're a team player by keeping your squad mates from early retirement.
Record 5 rescue kills in Deathmatch

Kill 5 players who are attacking a teammate; teammate must not die.

Only counts during Observatory and Waterfront matches.



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    Etaew PC-EU - Site Admin

    Updated tips with thanks to fang1192

    10 years ago

    Best way to do this is first off stick with your teammates or if using a long ranged weapon at least facing in their general direction. Secondly, try to monitor the minimap for hostiles to kill while also looking at your teammates health/shield bars to determine where someone is in need of rescuing. Also, look for any cross fire, if you see bullets/whatever being exchanged go to where the bullets are going FROM the green dotted person who is your teammate. I also personally recommend a Swarm Rocket Launcher, one that is manually detonated then rains down smaller explosions on your enemies if detonated over their head.

    10 years ago