Emergencies are dynamic events that a player will encounter as they travel the world. In other games they are known as Dynamic Events or Public Quests.

Name Stages Enemies
Standoff Help the E-Rep Soldiers fight the mutants Mutants
Rescue Mission Alpha Revive Crash Survivors Protect the E-Rep techs Mutants
Mutant Grenadiers
  • Help the E-Rep Soldiers defeat the Mutant Marines
Salvage Crew
  • Aid ER Soldiers
  • Kill the Mutants
Captured Rescue the captured E-Rep soldiers Mutants
Blood of Heroes
  • Assist the E-Rep Soldiers
  • Revive the Injured
  • Defend the camp
  • Ignite Lights of the Fallen
The Pow Hunters Eliminate the Mutants Mutants
Medical Recovery * Tag Medical Supplies x3 Dark Matter
Rescue Mission Beta - Rescue the E-Rep Techs Mutants
Raider Camp Defeat the Raiders Raiders
Derelict Vehicle
  • Inspect the area
  • Survive the Raider ambush: 3
  • Survive the Raider ambush
Skitterlings! Kill the hellbugs Hellbugs
Feeding Frenzy Destroy hellbugs Hellbugs
Raider Prisoners Free the captives Raiders
Raider Roadblock Kill the Raiders Raiders
Carjacked! Rescue the captives Raiders
Pest Control Help the Echelon mercs clear the hellbug nest Hellbugs
Regicide Defeat the Monarch Hellbugs
Weapons Shipment
  • xxx
  • Acquire chest key
  • Unlock weapon chest
  • Kill hellbugs
Bugging Out Help the trapped ranchers Hellbugs
Gulanite Hijacking Eliminate the Raiders Raiders
No Good Deed Clear out the Hellbug Nest Hellbugs
Bomb Squad
  • Clear the road of landmines
  • Defeat the 99ers
Bump in the Road Destroy all scrappers Scrappers
Hellbug Extermination Help E-Rep soldier destroy the hellbug nest Hellbugs
Hellbug Nest Clear out the Hellbug Nest Hellbugs
Under New Management Defeat the 99ers 99ers
Hostage Situation Save the prisoner Raiders
Raider Hangout Clear the Raider camp Raiders
Crystal Clear Clear all hostiles. 99ers
Helter Smelter Rescue the hostages 99ers
Blockade Rescue the hostages and defeat the 99ers 99ers
Burn, Baby, Burn
  • Stomp out the fires
  • Protect the settlers
  • Light the lanterns
99er Roadblock
  • Defeat the 99ers
Construction Ahead Head the Echelon merc destroy the scrappers Scrappers
Caught in the Crossfire Assist the Echelon mercenaries 99ers
Trespassers Fend off the 99ers 99ers
Wrong Turn Clear the road of all hostiles 99ers
Rise of the Machines Help the trapped E-Rep soldiers Scrappers
Scrapper Purge Save the E-Rep soldiers Scrappers
Strike Force Assist in defeating the Dark Matter Dark Matter
Transport Under Attack Stop the Dark Matter heist Dark Matter
Uninvited Guests Defend the camp Dark Matter
Hijacked Vehicles Place trackers on vehicles and defeat all enemies Scrappers
Scrap Attack Scrappers
Thinning the Herd
  • Clear out the hellbug nest
  • Defeat the monarch
A New Pair of Genes
  • Kill the monarch
Exotic Goods
  • Collect crysalis samples for Varus
Crystal Cargo Clear all hostiles from the area 99ers
Hellbugs vs. Mutant EMC Power up the generator - Secure the area Hellbugs and Mutants
Vendor Ambush Defend the vendor Mutants
Gang War Eliminate the Raiders Raiders
Smells Like Victory Collect pheromone samples Hellbugs
Dark Matter Camp Defeat Dark Matter Dark Matter
No Trespassing Help the E-Rep soldiers destroy the scrappers Scrappers
Junkyard Dogs Destroy mongrels Scrappers
Double Cross Defeat Mutant thieves Mutants
  • Eliminate Dark Matter
Dark Matter
Watchdogs Destroy scrappers Scrappers
Mutant Search Party Mutants
Rise from the Wreckage Assist the E-Rep soldier Scrappers
Wandering Hulker Raiders
Rabble Rousing Investigate fight then eliminate survivors Dark Matter
Scrapper Repair Station Scrappers
Checkpoint Troubles

Put down the afflicted

Triage Center
  • Scan Patients
  • Keep watch
  • Put down the Afflicted
Car Trouble
  • Rescue the ranchers
  • Put down the remaining Afflicted
Internment Camp

Put down the Afflicted

  • Clear the road of the Afflicted
  • Keep Watch
  • Protect the Ranchers
Spreading the Disease
  • Wipe out the afflicted
  • Fnd a super weapon
  • Wipe out the afflicted
E-Rep Soldier Camp
  • Investigate the camp
  • Defeat the Afflicted
Dark Matter Outpost
  • Defeat Dark Matter
  • Defeat all enemies
Dark Matter and Afflicted
Artillery Outpost Help the E-Rep soldiers commandeer the outpost Dark Matter
Volge at the E-Rep Checkpoint

Assist E-Rep against the Volge

The Volge Await Clear the road of Volge Volge
Volge Assault on E-Rep Camp
  • Enter E-Rep Campsite
  • Thwart Volge Ambush
Volge Raider Raid

Volge Raider Raid

Blow Up The Volge Clear Volge from the area Volge
Volge and Miners Protect the miners Volge
Echelon and the Volge

Help the mercs fend off the Volge

Cyborg Conversion
Restless Dead
Raider Conversion
Silicon Guardians
Technical Difficulties
Dark Resistance
Armistice Celebration
  • Join the party
  • Protect the party goers