Emergencies are dynamic events that a player will encounter as they travel the world. In other games they are known as Dynamic Events or Public Quests.

Name Stages Enemies
Standoff Help the E-Rep Soldiers fight the mutants Mutants
Rescue Mission Alpha Revive Crash Survivors Protect the E-Rep techs Mutants
Mutant Grenadiers
  • Help the E-Rep Soldiers defeat the Mutant Marines
Salvage Crew
  • Aid ER Soldiers
  • Kill the Mutants
Captured Rescue the captured E-Rep soldiers Mutants
Blood of Heroes
  • Assist the E-Rep Soldiers
  • Revive the Injured
  • Defend the camp
  • Ignite Lights of the Fallen
The Pow Hunters Eliminate the Mutants Mutants
Rescue Mission Beta - Rescue the E-Rep Techs Mutants
Vendor Ambush Defend the vendor Mutants
Double Cross Defeat Mutant thieves Mutants
Mutant Search Party Mutants