Assault on San Quentin

Assault on San Quentin is a conflict site found at San Quentin Ruins in Madera.


  • Disable the sentry gun generators (4)
  • Find the Advanced Weapon
  • Make a stand against the Raiders
  • Kill the hulker


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This quest is far away best way to level hard leveling weapons, like bmg, save-off shotguns. Go to final boss - hulk - take at least 2 weapons which you want to level, shoot hulk, till he will have few hp, then let hulk kill you, wait a little, ress, hulk will reset. And again, again, again. But watch master points, they fill pretty fast.

For example - to normal mob bmg ticks for 40-80 hp. But to hulk it ticks for 140-160 hp.

9 years ago