Conflict Sites

Conflict Sites are repeatable events that are tied to a location, they are often associated with daily and weekly contracts.

Show: All Mount Tam Madera Marin Sausalito San Francisco

Name Location
A Matter of Time Nob Hill
Assault on San Quentin San Quentin Ruins
Attack on Kenn Farm Kenn Farm
Bolinas Meltdown Bolinas Smeltery
Bug Basin Bug Basin
Danger at Diablo Diablo Station
Dark Matter Disguise Dark Matter Base
Depot Recovery Union Depot
Disarm the Docks Pirates Cove
Dock Rescue Eastshore Docks
Flotsam and Jetsam Fisherman's Wharf
Follow Cass's Lead Larkspur Landing
From Out of Nowhere Coit Tower
Hellbug Horror Happy Pow Farms
Horseshoe Bay Breakout Horseshoe Bay
Hostile Takeover Mill Valley Mines
Jale Base Jale Base
Kith and Kinship Kinship Plaza
KTAM Power KTAM Power
Medical Recovery Accord Medical Clinic
Miner Disruption Mine 99
Murder Island Murder Island
No Finer Place Downtown
North Point Rescue North Point Mine
Parraba's Problems Parraba Farm
Port Stinson Sabotage Port Stinson
Ranchers and Raiders Miwok Ranch
Remember the Alamo Alamo Park
Ridgecrest Rescue Ridgecrest Mine
Saving Echelon Big Stone Reach
Seascape Farms Seascape Farms
Smashing the Smugglers Point Bonita Refinery
Sniper Ridge Assault Sniper Ridge
Storming Split Rock Split Rock Mine
Sutro Tower Sutro Tower
System Control Trolly Graveyard
Technicians and Turrets Mine 98
Telecom Sabotage Verdant Ridge
Towers Telecom Repair Towers Quarry
Yes, disassemble Bathhouse
Zhena Array Zhena Array