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There will be a scheduled downtime of about 2 hours starting at 10:00 AM PT (12:00 PM UTC/07:00 PM CEST) for Defiance to fix the Quasar Wave issue.

We will update you if we need more time or when we come back online earlier.

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Hulker Hell Revisited - Week 1 Giveaways

Thanks to Trion we are able to provide you all with another chance at the Earth Defender Costume Pack as well as a Triple Costume Pack and Hallow Point Supply Crates.

Giveaway Finished

The giveaway has finished and 8 rewards have been distributed.


Reward: 8 Earth Defender Costume Pack, Triple Costume Pack or Hallow Point Supply Crate.


Signups: 325


  • - Earth Defender Costume Pack
  • accellios (PS3-NA) - Earth Defender Costume Pack
  • Graf Darms (PS3-EU) - Earth Defender Costume Pack
  • MistaSoze (PS3-EU) - Triple Costume Pack
  • sam sam (PC-NA) - Hallow Point Supply Crate
  • - Hallow Point Supply Crate
  • - Hallow Point Supply Crate
  • Yun Vor (XBOX360-NA) - Hallow Point Supply Crate




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MistaSoze (PS3-EU)

Yeah thanks !!! It's nice to be the lucky one ^^

4 years ago

Etaew (PC-EU) - Site Admin

Winners have been drawn, congratulations:

  • jo heidstra: (PC-EU - mr sinister ) - Earth Defender Costume Pack
  • accellios: (PS3-NA - Accellios ) - Earth Defender Costume Pack
  • Graf Darms: (PS3-EU - Grafina ) - Earth Defender Costume Pack
  • MistaSoze: (PS3-EU - Soze ) - Triple Costume Pack
  • sam sam: (PC-NA - sammy89 ) - Hallow Point Supply Crate
  • AlexanderEvmenov: (PC-NA - Deadly Crab ) - Hallow Point Supply Crate
  • DatWindmill: (PC-EU - dat windmill ) - Hallow Point Supply Crate
  • Yun Vor: (XBOX360-NA - Yun Vor ) - Hallow Point Supply Crate

If you didn't win this giveaway, we'll start off Hulker Hell Revisited - Week 2 later today.

4 years ago

Been up all night!! 10 min to go!!

4 years ago

rossco (XBOX360-EU)

Il never win I didn't get anythin from last event Iv got nothin from this event I brought 12 event lock box's and got no ojs so I'm just about giving up with trion

4 years ago

Very good luck to those that work/play hard w/no success so far during event. Those that seem to be having all the luck should donate to the less fortunate if their luck continued for the drawing. Just a bit of frustration there, anyways..GL

4 years ago

Hope my luck improves this time around, rng in game has not been kind to me 😁. 

Good luck all ✌️

4 years ago

Josh Doring (PS3-NA)

so true lycan my hopes and dreams are ruined when someone got a dc11 frome the radiant solstice crate giveaway i was so done my dream is to get all the dcs. then all my life has been accomplished.

4 years ago

good luck to all and heres to hoping my luck improves lol 

4 years ago

nice of dd to do this kind of of luck to all participants (including me lol)

4 years ago

Good luck my fellow ark hunters!!!! Hope to see you all in the battlefield!! (Xbox NA server lol) 

4 years ago

Good luck everyone!!

4 years ago


Best of luck everyone!

4 years ago

It would be nice to win 1 of these rewards.

4 years ago

Josh Doring (PS3-NA)

i hope i win.


4 years ago