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Hello everyone,

We're currently experiencing connectivity issues and we're working on resolving them. Please bear with us as we investigate this. We'll post an update here in 1 hour if the issue isn't resolved at that time.


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Good afternoon, Arkhunters

At 5:30 CST this afternoon we will be conducting some backend maintenance which may cause players to disconnect from our servers. Please note that you will be able to log back in immediately after being disconnected, if you are disconnected at all.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you all for you patience!

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Outbreak (2017) Holiday Event

Monday, May 1, 2017 to Monday, May 22, 2017


Outbreak is here! Biological empowered enemies have invaded paradise. Plaguers, scrappers, and hulkers have been infected, and need to be put down. Complete Arkfalls for new rewards and contracts!

Finish the daily and weekly contracts to get your weekly reward. The reward will contain a guaranteed Legendary CDC weapon and an epic mod with the chance to be legendary (chance at a jackpot weapon).

A new pursuit has been added called "Pandemic Prevention". Complete this pursuit during the Outbreak event to receive a special reward: epic jackpot weapon "Calamity" (Daisy Cutter) and the title "Immune". In addition, you will also get the epic mod: Rapid Acquisition System IV

New Synergy: Cleansing Napalm

  1. On enemy armor break, 2% ammo regen (Cooldown: 3s)
  2. On enemy armor break, gain 3 ablative armor for 10 seconds. (15s cooldown)
  3. +15% Damage
  4. Applies a napalm effect which burns and slows the target for 3s increasing health and plate damage taken (Cooldown: 6s)

New Manufacturer: CDC

Grants an additional 10% Nano Proc Chance and 10% Armor Durability Damage! Every CDC weapon will have this innate bonus.

Jackpot weapon types

Assault Carbine, Northstar Striker (NEW flare pistol), Big Boomer, Mass Cannon, Nomad, Purgatory, Afflictor

New weapon types

Northstar Striker: A modified Northstar Blaze which has had its rounds replaced with frag grenades

New titles

Carrier (minor), Epidemiologist (Major), Patient Zero (Major - Patron).

Source: http://forums.defiance.com/showthread.php?256813-Outbreak-Event-to-PTS 






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ZamboniChaos: Outbreak Returns + Bonus Loyalty!

2 years ago (June 1, 2017, 9:37 pm)

Could you send me a PM with more info?

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Arcade Punk (PS3-NA)

I think it is pretty fucking stupid they didn't have any packs this time but oh well.

2 years ago