Sentinel Title

Defiance Classic

Sentinel T.I.T.A.N. Bundle

Defiance 2050

Transferred if owned in Defiance Classic


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Drones or sentinels Yannila 5 years ago
Being scammed Kuroro 5 years ago
The sentinel OneBadClown 5 years ago
Stolen Nanophagus Rig Decoy303 5 years ago
I want report scammer gamer EL_DANY_HITMAN_7 6 years ago
Sentinel with 11 chip slots instead of 15 / Trion seems to not care ReAPEr1989 6 years ago
Your Game Glitched my Sentinel XxX HEGEMONY XxX 6 years ago
Trade glitching stepping into criminal area Savagekiller69 6 years ago
Sentinel rig 14 slots Rambo Balboa 6 years ago
Unfair Sentinel Rig 16 slots over 15 natural Jack35 6 years ago
i need help! Wagner Serrato 6 years ago
Trion, double check your store Kuroro 6 years ago
Trion inc = fraud (sentinel not fixed) r3VCoCCoBeLLo 6 years ago
What is going on with the sentinel rigs on PS3 NA? Kuroro 6 years ago
Finally Kuroro 6 years ago
my AR, UD keeps going down on damage. OMEGASAIYAN PRIME 6 years ago
Tradable chips DiskoSvir 7 years ago
You guys with a Sentinel Rig edispilfnairb 7 years ago
Sentinel Rig edispilfnairb 7 years ago
So you can make new useless weapons, but not fix a 200 usd bundle? Olaf 7 years ago
The Sentinel Rig Passive Guardian Shield isn't working properly. DEPHIC 7 years ago
Havoc T.I.T.A.N. Bundle Cyprix 7 years ago
Sentinel rig bugged huzzah3579 7 years ago
Havoc and Sentinel Bundles Temporarily Unavailable CM Kiwibird 7 years ago
Havoc T.i.t.a.n bundle.. tig3r 7 years ago


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