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Ways To Make Your Armour or Shields Better NaterHater26 2 years ago
What does the Tanker say? KahRownah 3 years ago
So, why the heavy Nerf to shotguns? smurfsniper 4 years ago
proc ammo. SHAD0WEN 4 years ago
One possible future for 2050 SanCarioca 4 years ago
So Motherload, any tips on how to fight? Lyokira 4 years ago
Public Service Announcement: "That's That" Hit the Deck 4 years ago
Need a miniboss tone down Johnny Stranger 4 years ago
Monarchs and tankers not counting at NW Johnny Stranger 5 years ago
Hot Fix for Explosives Death self-extraction in Expedition Wagner Serrato 5 years ago
Bust out with some bosses! Dazz 5 years ago
Warming UP! Contract bug Wagner Serrato 5 years ago
AFK solved - but whats a 'killl' ?? Darknessss 6 years ago
Someone help me with tank loadout? Techno348 6 years ago
The Snake's Bite II Daloah 6 years ago
Patch Notes?????? Bloodbath82 6 years ago
When PvP receive new patch balance? Wagner Serrato 6 years ago
Untankable has become a big problem in PvP Wagner Serrato 6 years ago
Tankers and Monarchs not counting toward contract Doc Kilroy 6 years ago
Tankers and Monarchs not counting toward contract Doc Kilroy 6 years ago
Upgraded GPU Performance Worse Triggered 6 years ago
Join US TITANKO Trafalgaalw 7 years ago
Is it really working as intended to be one-shot killed in expos with a 'tank' build? Charapoo 7 years ago
the Economy in the game hempman 7 years ago
Question Arrack 7 years ago


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