Zombie Bomber - get over 160k score in seiges Loadouts

*Max active Overcharge build*

more detailed description in Comments

by WeLoveDefiance 3 years ago | Views: 10801 | Votes: 15 | Login to vote on the build.



FRC Big Boomer

Fires sticky, manually detonated grenades that have a large blast area


Defiant Few Crimefighter

Charge shotgun which releases bouncy explosive projectiles. Charge to increase the damage of the first projectile.

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Capacity: Poor

Recharge Rate: Average 40%

Recharge Delay: Good 2.25 - 2.85

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Bio Grenade

Leaves a pool of biological compounds that snare anyone moving through it for a short period

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Damage Spike

Spike that increases the damage dealt by all allies within its radius.

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Power Stim

Stim that reduces the cooldown on EGO powers.

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EGO Power that increases weapon damage for 10 seconds. When activated, it instantly reloads your current weapon.

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Deadly Cascade

You deal bonus damage for every additional enemy caught in an explosion

Explosive Onslaught

On an explosive kill, extend the duration of the active EGO power.

Height Advantage

You deal more damage when at least two meters higher than an enemy.

Killing Machine

Increase OVERCHARGE duration.

Killing Spree

On a kill, extend the duration of the active EGO power.


While OVERCHARGE is active, you reload faster.

Pumped Up

Fully reloading a weapon recharges your EGO power. Cooldown: 7 seconds.

Single Minded

You reload faster while standing still.

Time Out

Fully reloading a weapon extends the duration of the active EGO power. Cooldown: 7 seconds.

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Yo_florinuTz (PC-EU)


3 years ago

WeLoveDefiance ()

botc76 posted:

Is a detonator that much more effective than a rocket launcher?

Sorry if this seems like a noob question, but I haven't used one since eons ago.

Yes and no, it depends on what you want to use it for. 

for damage output (killing the most mobs in the shortest time), BigBoomer is the way to go. because it has a VERY large blast radius (maxed 7.2) compared to rockets & other detonators which is about 4.5 i think. this means you can hit greater number of mobs per hit, and the perk Deadly Cascade greatly adds to the damage also. rockets on the other hand fire rate is slower, damage is a bit less, ammo pool is smaller, and a radius that hits only about 1 to 4 mobs normally.  I have killed 20 infected with one shot from a boomer, a rocket will never have that chance given to you. 

but Rockets do have their use, they have farther range, and nano-effect like the Bonfire which burns mobs, and my favorite Sludge which even pairs great with detonators. fire one of these to bunch up the mobs, and while they are gathering you can preset you explosives in the middle just waiting for the right moment to "KaBoom" .... and watch 15 dead mobs fly into the air with a smile on your satisfied face! 

so if you are just referring to damage effectiveness on BigBoomer, than yes , no other explosive weapon in the game can output more potential damage to multi targets in PvE, if it's just a VBI grenade launcher, than it's still better but somewhat comparable to a Rocket.

ps. Overcharge boosts explosive rounds to Crt very often depending on the species of mobs, for Infected and scrappers, it's almost harder to not Crt, than to Crt hit them.

Hope this helps :)

3 years ago

botc76 ()

Is a detonator that much more effective than a rocket launcher?


Sorry if this seems like a noob question, but I haven't used one since eons ago.

3 years ago

WeLoveDefiance ()

twiztad posted:

Gonna have to try this out

Yes please do,

Also if in the event of you using this Loadout in a "run & gun" situation. just change the Height Advantage & Single Minded perks to Quick Charge & a Defensive perk.

3 years ago

twiztad ()

Gonna have to try this out

3 years ago

laurent.moore ()

awesome loadout :)

3 years ago

[Skynet] ()

got my vote!

I use a build very similar to this, it works. i get min 120,000 points at the end of these Zombie seiges even if i joined late. but i use an ammo spike instead so i don't have to reclimb to safezone. also i don't have an OJ fire nano crimefighter, so i just use my perforator. so i guess i do lose out on %9 active boost per kill using it, but that's only %5 of the kills, %95 kills from boomer + ammo spike.

3 years ago

WeLoveDefiance ()


Time Out is now 7 secs Cooldown, which greatly improves keeping up overcharge when not many mobs around during stage advancement down time (you can even shoot air while picking up ammo and loot),  overcharge should be up %80 of the time, if incase over charge ever runs out, pop a power stim when mobs spawn again.

Just remember to stay on top of buildings where no mobs can hit you, until it's stage advancement down time to pickup ammo/loot, since this build has no Def perks to max overcharge active time.

Crimefighter can be substituted by CS-X Cluster Shot if you have hard time aiming the bouncy weapon, or Fire nano Typhoon X-AR for farther range but less damage while on roof tops. why these weapons you ask? because they are explosive weapons that have a lot of backup ammo and can give you %15 active overcharge time on every kill.



Want speed instead of power for fast cleaning low ego mobs?

Check out  Zombie Bomber II - Drive Thru Cleaner

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Check out  Volge Killer - weapon switching build

3 years ago