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PvE Sniper Loadouts

For any enemy with a head.

by Untamed1 4 years ago | Views: 13322 | Votes: 1 | Login to vote on the build.



VOT Bolter

Manual action sniper rifle. Alien technology allows for faster manual action and quicker firing



Low rate of fire and high recoil make this a good extended fire suppression weapon

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Capacity: Poor

Recharge Rate: Average 40%

Recharge Delay: Good 2.25 - 2.85

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+{0} HP regeneration

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Hatchling Grenade

Hatchling hellbugs are summoned for a short period of time to attack nearby enemies

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Ammo Spike

Spike that replenishes the ammo pool of all allies within its radius.

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Armor Repair Stim

Stim that repairs armor plates

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EGO Power that increases weapon damage for 10 seconds. When activated, it instantly reloads your current weapon.

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Blast Shield

Reduce the range at which explosives hit you


On a kill, you gain ablative armor for 3 seconds (Cooldown: 15 Seconds)


Killing an enemy with a critical hit restores a portion of your shield.

Fortified Stance

You take less damage while standing still.


Increase your health.

Nerves of Steel

You deal more critical damage to enemies that are moving towards you.

Quick Charge

Reduces the time of Overcharge

Single Minded

You reload faster while standing still.

Thick Skinned

You gain 4 plates of ablative armor when your shield breaks. Cooldown: 15 seconds.

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Untamed1 ()

This is my Volge sniping build that I have refined after hundreds of hours. It is primarily designed for stationary combat.

The Bolter works best with the lowest power scope. Quick scope at a crit spot and fire repeatedly.

The SAW is used when enemies get very close.

4 years ago