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PvE Versatile Build Loadouts

Balanced offense and defense with a touch of team support.

by Untamed1 3 years ago | Views: 19749 | Votes: 2 | Login to vote on the build.



VBI TACC Assault Rifle

Fires in bursts to allow precision shot grouping


VOT Spanner Protector

Drains life and shields of enemies, shields friendly targets reducing damage taken

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Capacity: Poor

Recharge Rate: Average 40%

Recharge Delay: Good 2.25 - 2.85

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+{0} HP regeneration

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Hatchling Grenade

Hatchling hellbugs are summoned for a short period of time to attack nearby enemies

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Damage Spike

Spike that increases the damage dealt by all allies within its radius.

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Armor Repair Stim

Stim that repairs armor plates

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EGO Power that increases weapon damage for 10 seconds. When activated, it instantly reloads your current weapon.

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Blast Shield

Reduce the range at which explosives hit you

Cellular Armor

You take less damage.


On a kill, you gain ablative armor for 3 seconds (Cooldown: 15 Seconds)


Killing an enemy with a critical hit restores a portion of your shield.


Increase your health.

Killing Machine

Increase OVERCHARGE duration.

Nerves of Steel

You deal more critical damage to enemies that are moving towards you.

Pumped Up

Fully reloading a weapon recharges your EGO power. Cooldown: 7 seconds.

Single Minded

You reload faster while standing still.

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Untamed1 ()

This build works well in all PvE content, except for Warmaster where you should use a more specialized build.

The TACC Assault Rifle can be used at all ranges with no noticeable damage drop off. The Spanner Protector should be rolled for healing and links, for self healing and team support.

The perks are balanced for damage with Overcharge and passive defenses that pair well with BMG healing.

3 years ago