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I can't believe the hellion grub still spawns outside the husk. crasher 4 months ago
Arkfall completion vs timer Ryu Soba JP 8 months ago
Kill the boss (!) Alahali 1 year ago
is this guy a cheater? Hanimichal 1 year ago
game constantly freezing when doing big stuff Tal 1 year ago
In a Major Arkfall PacificGypsy 2 years ago
Destruction arkfalls etc... Mayday 2 years ago
Donner damage output seems glitched..dealing 25% of card damage on crit Charapoo 3 years ago
Couldn't finish the expedition, crystals keep spawning after boss killed! MataC 3 years ago
This is why you can't find MM majors and minors.... Mayday 3 years ago
Killed the hellion on Expedition and no loot received..just repetitive Blue Crystals. DeaD BeaNz 4 years ago
Hellion burrower throwing player out of bounds. Dixie Cougar 4 years ago
Hey trion/devs not cool guys Boone Novac 4 years ago
Weekly Top Notch Broken? Hellstr1ke 5 years ago
When will Arkfalls be fixed? Mint 5 years ago
Arkfall killshot pursuit challenges bugged Horror Stories 5 years ago
Question about glitchy pursuits ZegaapinX 5 years ago
increible flying hellion kszaso 5 years ago
The Matron, Progenitor, and Hellion have had their health increased during arkfalls.* Wurm 5 years ago
oranges at hellbug exterminations? faceholepuncher 6 years ago
I Just cant do ta revolting hellbug solo hey u 6 years ago



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