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Crusader Classe Outfit. Lucas97 4 years ago
When will Crusader's Meteor get nerfed? AZRA2050 4 years ago
still no Crusader Class Phoenix_70 4 years ago
still no Crusader Class bountyhunter 4 years ago
A thousand commendation points spent for nothing? AZRA2050 4 years ago
Will A Crusader Pursuit ever be added to the game? AZRA2050 4 years ago
Where is the crusader pursuit. David Irwin 4 years ago
The Crusader Hammer...WTH?!?! Arclight545 4 years ago
Explosives is king again in PvE Hit the Deck 4 years ago
Crusader's Hammer Quiiliitiila 4 years ago
Am I missing something? thedude 4 years ago
Crusader Attire Question(s) Guider 4 years ago
Please remove Hammer Time's animation lock! Hit the Deck 4 years ago
Anyone managed to clear the hellbug ICantAim 4 years ago
No Ego Class pursuit for Crusader? Ryu Soba JP 4 years ago
Reduced cost for demo not happen? Ryu Soba JP 4 years ago
Defiance 2050 PTS is UP AND RUNNING! Now with Crusader and Hulker Hell!!! Zephkial 4 years ago
crusader class sephiroth1 4 years ago
9/14 Livestream Summary stoodakiss 4 years ago


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