This npc is part of the Volge faction.

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Solstice Strike - Only Time to Spawn Huntmaster? Kamonichan 6 years ago
HuntMaster don't appear Mr Tech 7 years ago
is there a huntmaster? SpinalFusion 7 years ago
Arkbreaks; Volge Huntmaster ZeitgeistHD 7 years ago
Huntmaster Will Not Spawn Kamonichan 7 years ago
Tips for Spawning Huntmaster? Kamonichan 7 years ago
Huntmaster Where? Kamonichan 7 years ago
Volge Huntmaster Griffix8 9 years ago
Issue with Live Chat Griffix8 9 years ago
The server and Huntmasters cheat. Not the only time, not the only ones. crasher 10 years ago
Video (guide): 2x Volge Huntmasters solo in less than a minute Alexri 10 years ago


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