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D-2050 CB Bug: Blood of Heroes: Unable to Revive Final Soldier B5GkarNarn 5 years ago
Why Expeditions not fixed yet? Hanimichal 5 years ago
Competitive matchmaking npc being attacked Revanstar85 6 years ago
Island of Lost Soldiers can't be completed. Asertywny 6 years ago
Clan list?? 6ft lower 6 years ago
Good work Trion! DEATHACEJR 6 years ago
Its time to remove island of lost soldiers co-op map Darknessss 6 years ago
This is why Island of Lost Soldiers should be removed... Valani 6 years ago
glitchers in island of the lost soldiers expert co op map DEATHBRINGER210 6 years ago
Loot Chances being skewed during Colony Courtship? LegendFromLA14 6 years ago
Island of Lost Soldiers exploit MasscannonsMustGo 6 years ago
The Dreaded Cutscenes DrFluff 7 years ago
brood bugs weapons Wagner Serrato 7 years ago
Double gun fire TheUnknownFighter 7 years ago
Can someone please email me some tips for speedrunning Island of lost soldiers? dna5654 8 years ago
Missing my emerald soldier outfit Cryptic Effect 8 years ago
island of the lost soldiers being exploited hype 8 years ago
some 5000+ to play expert island of lost soldiers? Kuroro 8 years ago
Devs, Chimera Dailies need some more effort Kobalobasileus 9 years ago
New Soldier Synergy Big Jack Shepard 9 years ago
Technical Difficulties is Having Technical Difficulties in Silicon Valley nathanpbutler 9 years ago
Q about advamced instances Sevrin 9 years ago
episode 6 sneak peek - what the heck is a gulanee? moof 9 years ago



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