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Defiance Says Farewell to Kiwibird

July 12, 2016 | Etaew | Viewed 4,987 times |

Last Friday Sarah (Kiwibird) left Trion and and Defiance lost one of their best Community Managers.

From Etaew

As someone who spent a large portion of their day interacting with Kiwi, I am absolutely gutted that she is no longer involved in Defiance.

I think Kiwi is irreplaceable with the personality she brought to the forums and engagement and respect she had from the entire playerbase. She empathised with our issues and wanted to make things better for everyone.

We had some great plans for future engagement but most of this won't see the light of day now.

For the future, the contests that she helped set up will still be supported. This includes the Midsummer Mutiny Art Contest, as well as an upcoming limited time promotion for Trove and Defiance streamers/artists to unlock the Kiwi ally in Trove.

As for me, Kiwi was one of the main reasons I remained attached to the game and Trion. Her engagement and encouragement could be quite motivating, I'll be shuttering some of my lesser used Trion projects as a result of this and it's likely we'll see a drawdown of the functionality or coverage of Defiance Data.

More Info

If you want more feels you can check out our old interview: 

For further discussion on the forums: 

If you want to catch up with Kiwibird in future you can follow her Twitter


Some curated moments of Kiwi being Kiwi, random as hell but someone who would always listen to the community and try to sort out their problems.

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