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March 30, 2017 | Etaew | Viewed 2,330 times | Announcement,

Hey All. As you may well know, Defiance will be celebrating its 4th year this coming Sunday. Along with the pride we take at celebrating 4 years with you all, we are committed to providing some great rewards and prizes to our amazing and deciated players.


The clan events run by our great clans this weekend are only the beginning - in addition to the (thousands) of rewards that clans will be giving out this weekend, and the inventory slots that all players received yesterday, we have decided to do something a little special for our patron players as well.

Tomorrow morning, at 10AM PT, we will begin a grant that will provide all patrons who logged into Defiance between 3/6 at 10:00AM PT and 3/30 at 10:00AM PT (as long as you were a patron at least once while logging in, this will count) a Premium Armament Jackpot Box. This box will contain one tradeable jackpot, selected randomly from the pool of possible armament jackpots. These will roll with either a Guard Armament or Assault Armament synergy.

IF YOUR CHARACTER IS ONLINE when we start these grants, you will be granted the item on THAT character. Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to send this particular box to claims. This means that if you are a patron, or have been during armistice, we recommend that you remain logged in on the character you will to get the jackpot on. If you are not logged in, we recommend logging in on your main character the next time that you do.

These jackpots will be tradeable, so even if you get them on the wrong character you can move them to your main.

We are very happy to celebrate this huge anniversary with you all, and your continued dedication and support of Defiance is what has kept us going strong these 4 years and beyond! Enjoy your jackpots, ark hunters, and be sure to participate in the fun clan events for even more prizes this weekend! More jackpots will be handed out by our brave clan leaders!

See you on the New Frontier

- Destromathe

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