Hey all,

We're bringing Defiance (D13) PC-US servers offline for maintenance at 1PM PST (9PM UTC). Downtime will likely be about 1 hour.

If we need more time, or come back online early, we'll update this thread.


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Good afternoon Arkhunters,

We're bringing Defiance (D13) servers offline for maintenance at 10AM PST (12PM CT), on December 5th, 2018.
Downtime will likely be about 1 hour.

This will effect all Platforms/Environments EXCEPT PC-US.

If we need more time, or come back online early, we'll update this thread.


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Greetings, folks.

We're investigating the current connectivity issues hitting several of our games at the moment. We hope to have more info to share shortly, but please bear with us while we dig into this.


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Site Updates - May Edition

May 4, 2017 | Etaew | Viewed 1,573 times | Site,

Site stats and changes for the month of April.


  • 12,876 users (up 0.43%)
  • 31,990 visits (up 7.09%)
  • 129,182 pages (up 14.46%)




  • Fixed an issue where some of the page times displayed "bad date" if they were recently posted.
  • Updated the global site pagination system, it now has a unified style and first / last page links
  • Updated the appearance of the outfits page, also allowed users to browse outfits by mission, pursuit, store etc
  • Added the missing information for the 99 problems event including synergy, jackpots, pursuit and pack
  • The pursuit pages can now support tags in the tasks section
  • Added a new [map] tag by id and name
  • Cleaned up the map pages slightly, more needs to be done later
  • Fixed a few pursuit pages having broken links to data recorders
  • Updated the appearance of the clans page, and specific clan pages a little, more work will need to be done
  • Clan listings now support showing of logos and visually easier recruiting flags
  • You can now transfer ownership of a clan entry to another user
  • Fixed the appearance and display of the pages / drafts / comments and images tabs of the user profile
  • Fixed several broken links on challenge pages, added new tooltips to the maps there
  • You can now assign multiple characters to your account, this removes the option to set the character wh en entering a giveaway or editing your profile
  • Fixed a few broken links on data recorder pages and added new tooltips to maps
  • You can now assign your characters to a clan and have it listed publicly on your profile and that clan
  • The mail system has had a url and appearance upgrade
  • Reactivated the Defiance livestream tracking, this was last active 7 months ago


Ongoing tasks for the month of May.

  • Finish conversion of account system removing local and social login, and transitioning to email login
  • Investigate better ways to track server status
  • Replace all pursuit data recorder links with new tags
  • Standardise synergy sources
  • Make it easier to add titles, vehicles and outfits
  • Improve the vehicles page
  • Investigate holiday objective tracking
  • Flag weapons as untradeable
  • Finish anniversary store
  • Add calendar notifications to twitter, email and discord
  • Automate giveaway draws
  • Add manufacturers database
  • Add shield jackpots
  • Split out base weapon models from pre-rolled weapons
  • Add a rewards system
  • Add upcoming downtime notifications
  • Finish cleanup of loadouts section


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kirasiris (XBOX360-NA)

I love it; keep up the good work

2 years ago