Upcoming Caerulean Cores Change

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Hey All. With an upcoming hotfix this Monday, 6/12/2017, we will be implementing a number of changes, in preparation for a larger update coming out very soon. This implementation will change the way a certain currency works in the game: Caerulean Cores.

Currently, Caerulean Cores are used for the Paradise and Chimera vendors, along with reputation from those factions. With the upcoming hotfix, we will be removing Caerulean Cores from drops in co-op maps entirely, and with an upcoming update (soon!), we will be removing all Caerulean Cores from the game (this includes any that players currently own). The reason for this, is we will be introducing a yet to be revealed currency that will take its place.

Due to these changes, we have altered the way Chimera and Paradise reputation works in the following ways:

  1. Items on the Paradise and Chimera vendors will now only cost reputation
  2. Reputation granted by Chimera and Paradise contracts have been increased to account for the loss of cores and the new costs of items
  3. A new item will be on Chimera and Paradise vendors, that will allow players to exchange their cores for reputation

This item that can be purchased on the vendor, will only be around for 2 weeks, until 6/26. This should give players ample time to convert their current cores over to reputation for any items they wish to purchase. Once this item goes away, it will not return, so we encourage players to exchange their cores as soon as possible.

We look forward to showing you all more of the upcoming update, and are excited about its content. We also appreciate your patience and working with us for this currency swap. This is the best way for us to create some great content for you all in the future!

Best Regards,

- Destromathe

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