Black Friday Savings

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Defiance Black Friday

Black Friday is here and boy, do we have some great deals for YOU! From Friday, November 24th until Friday, December 1, 2017, save big on the following…

Limited Edition Ex Inanis Black Friday Boxes

For one week only, visit Iron Demon Ranch to find some desperate En Inanis Runners who are selling special caches for PG OR BITS! There are two types of caches, and they contain the following items:

  • A legendary mod from a specific weapon type AND specific synergy
  • A perfected weapon from a specific weapon type AND specific synergy

Brand-New Cerberus Pack

The all-new Cerberus Pack includes the following items:

  • Cerberus Assault Vehicle: Vehicle equipped with a rear-mounted turret and passenger rocket system
  • Echinda Weapon: Light Machine Gun (Radiation Nano) designed to mimic the Cerberus Turret
  • Typhon Weapon: Rocket Launcher (Incendiary Nano) designed to mimic the passenger rocket system
    • Both weapons have the Synergy: Hound of Hades [2] Kills reload 25% of your stowed weapon’s clip (Cooldown: 3s)

Limited-Edition Black Friday Bargain Box

Get a chance at rare Defiance items at super low bit costs! Plus, each 100 pack of these limited-edition Black Friday Bargain Boxes contains a guaranteed perfected weapon.

Titan Bundles & Gold Edition Sale

Both Titan Bundles and Gold Edition are on sale for up to 65% off!

Happy holidays, Ark Hunters!

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SIR Geko (PS3-NA)

Oh nice

6 months ago

Number6 (PC-NA)

Wait, so we can finally own a Cerberus with weapons in the overworld?  A few years too late but I'm glad they've finally done that.

6 months ago