Howdy Ark hunters,

NA and EU PS4, Xbox One, and PC Defiance 2050 servers will be unavailable for scheduled daily restart at 2:00 AM PT (For NA) and 3:00 AM GMT (For EU). The estimated down time for each maintenance is one hour. In-game messaging will be broadcast in advance of the downtime.

Thanks for playing!

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Downtime for original Defiance PS3, Xbox 360, and PC will start around 10:10AM PT on July 24, 2018 for approximately 2 hours.

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Downtime for all EU platforms (PS4, Xbox One, PC) will start around 10:45PM PT on July 20, 2018 for approximately 45-60 minutes.

Downtime for all NA platforms (PS4, Xbox One, PC) will start around 2:00AM PT on July 21, 2018 for approximately 45-60 minutes.

Patch Notes:

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Big Holiday Savings

December 12, 2017 | Etaew | Viewed 1,347 times | Blog,

Defiance Holiday Sale

Starting this Wednesday, December 13, 2017 at 10:00 AM PST / 6:00 PM UTC and going through Wednesday, January 3, 2018 at 10:00 AM PST / 6:00 PM UTC, get awesome deals in Defiance!

All Platform Holiday Sales (Defiance In-Game Store)

Bundles of Joy

We’ve got bundles for you, you, and YOU!

  • Havoc Titan Bundle – 65% off
  • Oblitherator Titan Bundle – 50% off
  • Sentinal Titan Bundle – 50% off
  • Titan Augment Bundle – 75% off

Glory Drivers

All Defiance vehicles are on sale for 50% off!

Look as Jolly as You Feel

All appearance items (outfits and headgear) are on sale for a whopping 50% off. This includes the following previous Vanity packs:

  • Frostbringer
  • Arctic Assassin
  • Wreck the Halls
  • Abominable Warmaster
  • Frontier Loyalist

Bling Bling

Get the Defiance Gold Edition for 60% off!

Stocking Stuffers

Get Cyber Rig Crates for 50% off and enjoy all-new Ex Inanis Bargain Boxes!

It’s the Little Things

All convenience items are on sale for 50% off, too!


These deals won’t last! Enjoy all the festivities of the Solstice Strike holiday and these great savings before the magic is gone on January 3, 2018.

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Comrade Putin ()

I would really like to know where I can get Assault Armament mods for the Little sister infector. I have looked over the whole map of Defiance, every vendor, and nothing. What is the point of having a weapon you cannot mod? This infector is hard enough to get,  so please assist if you are able. Also I want to modify my Harmony shield with Pandemonium mods, where do I get them? I have searched the internet for an answer, but nothing. You recommend people to mod their weapons then deny them the abillity to do so, it does not make sense. Even the Defiance store does not help, why can't I buy them?

I thank you in anticipation of your assistance.

Kind regards


7 months ago

Ripcurl (XBOX360-NA) 7 months ago

Comrade Putin,

Assault Armament and Pandemonium synergies are not standard weapon synergies, they are backpack synergies.

Backpack synergies gain their synergy bonus by having multiple items equipped simultaneously that have the same backpack synergy. 

e.g. If you have an Assault Armament infector equipped and an Assault Armament shield equipped, you get [2] bonuses from the synergy, if you equip a secondary weapon that is also Assault Armament you will get [3] bonuses from the synergy. You are able to put any mods you wish into these weapons.

Hope this helps