Hey all,

We're bringing Defiance (D13) PC-US servers offline for maintenance at 1PM PST (9PM UTC). Downtime will likely be about 1 hour.

If we need more time, or come back online early, we'll update this thread.


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Good afternoon Arkhunters,

We're bringing Defiance (D13) servers offline for maintenance at 10AM PST (12PM CT), on December 5th, 2018.
Downtime will likely be about 1 hour.

This will effect all Platforms/Environments EXCEPT PC-US.

If we need more time, or come back online early, we'll update this thread.


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Greetings, folks.

We're investigating the current connectivity issues hitting several of our games at the moment. We hope to have more info to share shortly, but please bear with us while we dig into this.


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February 13, 2018 | Etaew | Viewed 1,411 times | Blog,


Ark Hunters!

The hunt is on as Ex Inanis Supply Crate rewards are switching up and are adding an all-new synergy! Defiance is showing you some extra love this February 14th with the new Indomitable EGO Synergy. Ex Inanis Synergies have been updated to Indomitable EGO, Adaptive Augmentation, and Metagenic Gestation! Additionally, drop rates, Jackpots, and much more have been enhanced to show our appreciation to the community.


New Synergy: Indomitable EGO

[1] On kill or full reload, 3% ammo regen (Cooldown: 5s)

[2] +8% EGO ability duration on kill (Cooldown: 5s)

[3] +8% EGO ability recharge on full reload (Cooldown: 5s)

[4] +16% Damage dealt while EGO ability is active


Epic Enemy Drops

All enemies now have a chance to drop an Epic+ weapon, shield, or mod! Feel the love and earn from a long list of epic backpack and mod Synergies.


Double Legendary and Supreme drop rates from Ex Inanis Vendor and Expeditions

Ex Inanis boxes and expedition tables have been updated to double Legendary and/or Supreme drop rates. That’s not all, the Ex Inanis Supply Crate has double the Perfected weapon drop rate as well!


Reputation Vendor Jackpots
A variety of Jackpots have been added to reputation vendors, plus all reputation Jackpot weapon prices have been reduced to 1,000 rep.


Cyber Rig Supply Crate

The Cyber Rig Supply Crate has doubled down on Legendary, Supreme, and Jackpot drop rates. Rare Chips from Cyber Rig Supply Crates have been taken out and a chance for any Jackpot Rig or Chip to drop has been added.


New Iron Demon Ranch Vendor Boxes and Cerberus Pack Changes

The Iron Demon Ranch Vendors now include Shearing Cascade and Parasitic Impetus boxes. Typhon, Echidna, and Cerberus Passenger rockets have gotten sweet improvements in the Cerberus Pack.


Note that this will affect all Ex Inanis vendors and the Defiance store.

-The Defiance Team

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kirasiris (XBOX360-NA)

Awesome, I've been unable to play for the past week but now I'm more than ready to get back.....just commeting because the website looks so death. BTW, I miss the outfits viewer page(the ones the players created.)

10 months ago