Producer’s Letter: Defiance 2050 Announcement

February 27, 2018 | Etaew | Viewed 2,399 times | Defiance 2050,

Hey All. This is Matt “Destromathe” Pettit. You may know me as the Producer of Defiance, and today I’m excited to share some amazing news from the Defiance team that has been a long time coming!


The team is gearing up to celebrate our 5th anniversary of working in the awesome Defiance universe, and this year is going to be different from other Defiance anniversaries. We’ve been working to take Defiance to a whole new level and fully reimagine what can be done with a massive online shooter game unlike any other. No single update or patch could accomplish this, so are taking Defiance into the future through a new experience.

We call it… Defiance 2050.

When talking about Defiance 2050, it’s important to know a bit about where the Defiance team has been, and how that leads into where we are headed in the future. After all, this new chapter in the Defiance saga was built to answer the biggest questions that the team was facing.

How can we get the most people to enjoy this crazy massive world we have built? Simple, we put it on a new generation of hardware. Defiance 2050 will be available this summer on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. I‘ve wanted to announce that for what feels like forever!

How will this experience be different? We cannot simply enter this new future without rewriting some of the past. New graphics and improved stability are made possible by this new generation of hardware, which will allow you to experience Paradise like never before. Nothing will be the same, as we are working to reinvent game changing systems. Take your own power and play how you want, with new levels of customization that will create entirely new ways to play Defiance.

Since becoming a part of the Defiance team three years ago, I have discovered that so much of what Defiance is can only be described as completely unique – an experience that you cannot find anywhere else. Whether fighting in huge dynamic battles with dozens of friends or travelling across the huge terraformed world on your ATV with your clan members, the experience has been one that we all keep coming back to over the years, because it simply cannot be found anywhere else.

So how do we stay true to what Defiance is all about? This was the easiest question to answer: we listen to all of YOU. Whether you are one of more than five million players who have played Defiance in the past or a new Ark Hunter eager to sink your teeth into the massive online world with your friends, this game would not be possible without you.

That is why this time, Defiance 2050 will be a streamlined, AAA Free-to-Play experience, built from the ground up with players in mind and taking full advantage of recent advancements in the shooter genre. Everyone and anyone can log in and participate, and I am calling on all of you, new and old players, to come see the new experience that we are creating.

Sign up for the Beta, which is coming SOON.

Watch the video below for some exciting new footage, and keep your eyes out for some awesome future updates that the team and I will be putting out to show some of the amazing new systems coming your way.

A new day for a new Defiance. Happy Ark Hunting!

Matt “Destromathe” Pettit


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Papa easter XBOX360-EU

I have a concern about the clan size limit. I agree it makes sense to have a max cap on clan numbers but think the number of 300 is way to low. My main concern is are .1st after 3 months  when clan is at max any founder will be placed in a position where they need to kick a player for not logging in often enough .this is not easy when after a year or so you have built a relationship with these People. It will cause an untold amount of anger and abuse.2nd as founder of a clan i think trion are being a bit devious because this will effect the way gamers play .if i am to be the exacutioner i am putting pressure on guys to log in just to keep there spot in the clan .this to me is bullying.3rd a clan is built with a thousand differant relationships i cannot on a whim remove one without effecting the others and to be expected to do this daily is outrageous. .please reconsider and move the cap to 1000 .this i think is a far more realistic number and will allow clans to grow organically without the need to execute an old friend.

6 years ago

Papa easter XBOX360-EU

Four score and ten years ago ..we have known before the birth of a great nationtion that the existing nation has to be destroyed.this announcement will divide the fan base and destroy what we know defiance to be .saying that .this is happening and as native of the old defiance i was and am expecting my casino in the desert not a seat at a slot machine.

6 years ago